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"Q. How do you offer so many Services?
A. We are a Company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"

~Double Garage~

A conventional double garage with the additional flexibility of offering two single doors or a choice of wider ‘double‘ doors which are often advantageous if you want easy access around your vehicle for maintenance purposes etc.

~Triple Garage~

Where the need exists for multiple vehicle storage or where extra space is required for undertaking craft or hobby, our Waxhaw NC Triple Garage offers huge storage space at a very affordable price. Door options give a further level of flexibility to ensure you can your building with your needs.

•Any Size –No matter how big or small, We can create a custom garage for you. Whether the garage will hold only the family car and some lawn equipment or your entire classic car collection, we can build a Waxhaw NC garage to meet your specific needs.

•Storage Capacity –If you can’t part with the family treasures, but don’t have room to store them in your home, Our Garage builders can build you a garage to safely tuck them away. If you have recreational vehicles that need to be stored during the off-season, We can construct a garage to keep them secure until they are ready to be used again.

•Any Style –Our builders assists you in selecting a garage design that will compliment the appearance of your house. Our craftsman can build any style that meets your needs including, gable roof garages, reverse gable garages, hip roof garages, mansard roof garages, flat roof garages, roof deck garages or gambrel garages.

~Garage Converted #1 Into Living Space~

Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders.

~Garage Conversion #2 To Living Space~

Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders.




GARAGES3 & Carport  




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Painting your Garage Conversion beautifully not only adds to the beauty of your house but also increases its value, too. You can even paint garage floor, but will need to do some repair work prior to painting it, though. These include your budget, the exterior style of your home as well as how you use your garage. If your garage is just used for your car or storage, your choice may not be as important but if your garage is also a workshop or family area then you really need to consider an insulated Garage Contractors. A knowledgeable  Garage Remodeling Contractors will be able to help you decide on which door will be best.

Where to Look for a Qualified  Garage Remodeling Contractors
Where do you look for a qualified  Garage Remodeling Contractors? Your best option is to get on the internet and search for Garage Conversion Contractors companies near you. There are many sites that maintain a directory of Garage Conversion Contractors companies with a proven track record for success.
Talking with knowledgeable  Garage Remodeling Contractors can help you decide what is best for your home. After you find a Garage Remodeling Contractors that looks promising, ask to have a representative come out to look at your home, determine the size and options available and write up an estimate for the doors and labor involved. Talk with a number of companies before you make your final decision because you may find that the different companies can vary greatly in style and price range.

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