"Q. How do you offer so many service's ? A. We are a company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"
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"Q. How do you offer so many service's ?  A. We are a company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"



Serving �Berea SC �Boiling Springs SC �Campobello SC �Central Pacolet SC �Chesnee SC �Clifton SC �Cowpens SC �Enoree SC �Glendale SC �Glenn Springs SC �Greenville SC �Greer SC �Inman SC �Landrum SC �Lyman SC �Pacolet SC �Sans Souci SC Serving �Berea SC �Boiling Springs SC �Campobello SC �Central Pacolet SC �Chesnee SC �Clifton SC �Cowpens SC �Enoree SC �Glendale SC �Glenn Springs SC �Greenville SC �Greer SC �Inman SC �Landrum SC �Lyman SC �Pacolet SC �Sans Souci SC Cities: Deep Gap, Rion, Gray Court, Lowland, Luttrell, Mascot, Maynardville, Midway, Mohawk, Morristown, Mosheim, New Market, Newport, Parrottsville, Powder Springs, Russellville, Rutledge, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Seymour, Strawberry Plains.Zip Codes: 28618, 29132, 29645, 37778, 37779, 37806, 37807, 37809, 37810, 37813, 37814, 37815, 37816, 37818, 37820, 37821, 37822, 37843, 37848, 37860, 37861, 37862, 37863, 37864, 37865, 37868, 37871, 37876, 37877, 37882, 37886, 37890, 37891, 37924, 29646, 29647, 29648, 29649, 29650, 29651, 29652.


 Our designers will design a Greenville-Spartanburg sc Inground pool environment that will take your needs-dreams and property into consideration while creating a space that will become a special haven to you and your family.A Greenville-Spartanburg sc outdoor kitchen makes it easy to enjoy a complete indoor experience in your own backyard. With all the features available - including sinks, faucets, drain boards, cutting boards and towel racks-a refreshment center is an invaluable tool in outdoor entertaining.We install of all types of water features including Greenville-Spartanburg sc water gardens, Greenville-Spartanburg sc ponds, fountains, streams, Tea House, Bridges, Greenville-Spartanburg sc waterfalls and swimming pool landscaping.Greenville-Spartanburg sc deck builders Residential services for Greenville-Spartanburg sc decks with fireplaces, gazebos, pergolas, open porches and loggias, arbors, Greenville-Spartanburg sc privacy screens-fences, planters and benches, latticework, ramps and walkways, docks, and garden structures           Masonry Services In Greenville-Spartanburg sc: We do all types of custom masonry construction.- Greenville-Spartanburg sc chimneys, brick block-Repair stone Remodels We also do remodels, upgrades Design Work We also offer limited design work for your Greenville-Spartanburg sc masonry projects. Restoration Work New to historiGreenville-Spartanburg sc Bathroom Remodeling and Design, Updating or building a new bathroom is one of today's most popular home projects. The modern bathroom has become stylish, efficient, and comfortable, if not downright luxurious. A Greenville-Spartanburg sc bathroom remodel can add immeasurably to your comfort and enjoyment, as well as raise the value of the house.Greenville-Spartanburg sc Concrete Services, Your complete Greenville-Spartanburg sc concrete specialty company. When you have construction that calls for the services of a Greenville-Spartanburg sc contractor, consider Designer Properties. We specialize in all aspects of Greenville-Spartanburg sc concrete construction from commercial, slip-forming, gang forming, tilt-up construction, poured walls, footings, foundations, site concrete, Greenville-Spartanburg sc residential poured wall basements, decorative concrete, driveways stamping or acid stainingCustom Built to Match Your Home We specialize in Greenville-Spartanburg sc garages that are custom built to compliment and increase the value of your Greenville-Spartanburg sc home. Our Services include: - Applying for township building permits and conforming to all local construction codes. - Operating as a fully insured Greenville-Spartanburg sc Contractor. This assures you that our quality standards are met through each phase of construction. - The freedom to choose size, design, color of materials, and position of door openings.   

Want a new flagstone or brick Greenville-Spartanburg scdriveway? Our highly qualified installation crews are more than laborers, they are true artisans. In about a week, we can replace your cracked concrete driveway or patio deck with beautiful interlocking pavers or natural stone. Check out our paving and stone gallery to see samples of our work. We install Greenville-Spartanburg sc Stone Brick or Timber retaining walls, if that is what your project needs. No matter the height of the wall or the materials being used, we can build a Greenville-Spartanburg sc retaining wall that will resist the forces of time and nature for years to come. We build many styles of Greenville-Spartanburg sc fireplaces. We can take a True Rumford Fireplace from start to finish brick by brick or we can install Greenville-Spartanburg sc gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, masonry heaters or just create decorative noncombustible walls and hearths for any wood stove.A Greenville-Spartanburg sc waterfall or Greenville-Spartanburg sc pond from Designer Properties will bring you delight with the relaxing sound of tranquil water and the reflection of blue sky on the shimmering pond surface. This luxury can be yours for less money than you would imagine and requires minimal maintenance.          Greenville-Spartanburg sc Screened Porch builders We offer a variety of Greenville-Spartanburg sc Build-services and deck enhancements that include Greenville-Spartanburg sc screen porch, privacy screens, pool decks, custom railings, gazebos, planters, built-in benches, walkways, ramps, Greenville-Spartanburg sc pool decks and any other wood built outdoor project you may have.Theatre rooms, bonus rooms, home offices, if it has been done in an existing Greenville-Spartanburg sc basement we have done it. From fully digital audio surround theatre rooms to playrooms for the kids, Designer Properties, LLC is at your service. We will provide you with the know-how and the information to turn that dark lifeless Greenville-Spartanburg sc basement into something to talk about.Wood floors have come a long way in the past few years. Today, there are more styles, colors and species of Greenville-Spartanburg sc wood flooring available than ever before. Whether you�re looking for traditional Oak, rustic Pine, exotic Wenge or trendy Bamboo, you�re sure to find a color and style to fit your d�cor. ONCE YOU DO FIND YOUR STYLE, CALL US AND WE'LL COME TO INSTALL FOR YOU!Greenville-Spartanburg sc Decks and Sunrooms - We can customize your new space to match your existing Greenville-Spartanburg sc home and landscape. We can build to any elevation, including second story additions and with or without stairs. We can also build you Greenville-Spartanburg sc patio rooms, enclosed sunrooms, as well as combination areas such as decks and patios including Jacuzzi and hot tub surrounds.    

Greenville-Spartanburg sc patios Asian inspired design, One of the most important parts of the American household is the expansion of outdoor living space. One of the oldest and longest lasting forms of outdoor space is a patio. Greenville-Spartanburg sc Patio's can be made out of numerous types of stones and built many different ways. They are built with flagstone or granite, using stone dust or cement to bond together.A Fire Pit is a great way to enjoy an outdoor fire! A Greenville-Spartanburg sc Fire Pit allows you to enjoy your patio in comfort and warmth. And a Fire Pit adds the ambiance of an open fire right on your Deck or Patio! We can handle all your Greenville-Spartanburg sc irrigation needs, large or small for Greenville-Spartanburg sc and the surrounding area Design and installation of new systems (Greenville-Spartanburg sc sprinkler, drip or bubbler) Repair or improve existing irrigation systems. Greenville-Spartanburg sc stone-masons There's nothing quite like the look of natural Greenville-Spartanburg sc stone that has been quarried and cut to fit beautifully into your home. such as selected Greenville-Spartanburg sc river rock, fieldstone or flagstone. natural stone is perfect for a number of projects around the house - from stepping stones and outdoor columns to fireplaces and interior walls           We Install And Repair All Types Of Greenville-Spartanburg sc Fences, Stone-Brick Greenville-Spartanburg sc Privacy Fence Including Vinyl, Wood,Greenville-Spartanburg sc Carpenters Service: Complete New Greenville-Spartanburg sc home, additions, stairs, kitchens and bathrooms, garage, shop or shed, start to finish.Greenville-Spartanburg sc Kitchen Remodeling Our goal is to make the kitchen look like the house was built around it. How many people usually eat together in your Greenville-Spartanburg sc  kitchen? Where do they like to sit? What kinds of foods do you prepare? How much entertaining do you do? These are the kinds of questions we ask to help create a picture of what the customer is looking for,Greenville-Spartanburg sc Additions - Need more room? We can extend the living area of your existing Greenville-Spartanburg sc home by adding a new wing or second story. Or how about adding that garage, carport or workshop you've always wanted? We build both attached and separate units as large or small as you need. Greenville-Spartanburg sc Home additions, Don't move out, build on. 1 and 2 story additions, Greenville-Spartanburg sc Mother-in Law suites, Family room, Master Bedroom, 

  It looks like stone. It feels like stone. It�s even made from stone. But it is not stone. It�s Cultured Stone � and is accepted worldwide by builders and architects alike. Cultured Stone is manufactured stone that is designed to be lighter and easier to install than natural stone. Molds are taken from select natural stone, using a process that captures even the finest detail. And just like real stone, Cultured Stone�s color is blended throughout the entire product. Cultured Stone also doesn�t require any additional footings, foundations, or wall ties, saving you time and money.Greenville-Spartanburg sc Outdoor Landscape Lighting What do we light? Trees and Shrubs Gardens Pathways Charlott Walkways Decks Pergola's Gazebo's Waterfalls WallsLet Designer Properties design and install a Greenville-Spartanburg sc garden structure for your property. contact one of our Greenville-Spartanburg sc landscape designers todayRevamping the front of your Greenville-Spartanburg sc home is more than just improving the aesthetics of your space; adding curbside appeal to your Greenville-Spartanburg sc landscape can actually add to the value of your property and bring in your asking price should you decide to sell. We are full of ideas to add curb appeal to your Greenville-Spartanburg sc property and transform a dull Greenville-Spartanburg sc landscape into the prettiest front yard on the block            Greenville-Spartanburg sc CONTRACTOR INSTALLER siding wood, Repair brick, and stucco.We install Greenville-Spartanburg sc Travertine, Marble, Granite, Slate, Quarry Stone, Spanish Pavers, Ceramic Tile, Flagstone, Slate, River Rock .We install indoors: Greenville-Spartanburg sc Tile Floors, Countertops, Fireplaces, Showers, Bathrooms ..We install outdoors: for Greenville-Spartanburg sc Swimming Pool Copings, Stonework, Walkways, Waterfalls, Fountains .We seal grout joints and tiles, including already completed work ...We install Greenville-Spartanburg sc ceramic tile, marble, wood flooring, laminate flooring, pattern floors, floating floors, Greenville-Spartanburg sc showers, tub wraps, tile countertops, backsplashes & fireplaces.Do you love your beautiful Greenville-Spartanburg sc home and absolutely adore your neighborhood but need more space? A Greenville-Spartanburg sc second story addition may be the perfect solution to your square footage dilemma. Many times building out horizontally is not an option or is undesirable- that's when you build vertically!If your Greenville-Spartanburg sc stucco is showing signs of deterioration: efflorescence, blistering, peeling, or excessive cracking, you need our restoration service. We repair, replace or install your Greenville-Spartanburg sc stucco to restore beauty and performance to your home exterior. Keep in mind that stucco is a material of deceptive simplicity: in most cases its repair should not be undertaken by a property owner unfamiliar with the art of plastering. Successful Greenville-Spartanburg sc stucco repair requires the skill and experience of a professional plasterer

   Greenville-Spartanburg sc outdoor fireplaces Everybody loves a good fire. We love them so much we'll go camping just to sit around one. We'll even build one in our own home so we can see the flames dance. But what if you don't want to leave the house but still would like to sit outside and enjoy the natural atmosphere of a nice fire? This is why many people invest in a Greenville-Spartanburg sc outdoor fireplace. More often than not, outdoor fireplaces come in unique styles and designs:Remember, when landscaping for Greenville-Spartanburg sc curb appeal, you will want to provide a view that is just as pleasing for passersby as it is for you. This may entail choosing a plan that is easy to maintain if your gardening time is limited. There are many plants and gardening techniques that require very low maintenance which makes them ideal for busy gardeners but also for land that can be difficult to manage like slopes.To enhance the look of the exterior of your Greenville-Spartanburg sc home let Designer Properties install beautiful flower beds and shrubs. Our knowledgeable landscape staff has the experience to create Greenville-Spartanburg sc entrance gardens, patios, walkways and even water gardens. View samples of our work in the landscaping portion of this web site.Designer Properties can enhance the look of both the front and back of your Greenville-Spartanburg sc residence by installing a patio or steps using brick, natural stone, pavers and other landscaping materials. We work with the site and nature's intent to install Greenville-Spartanburg sc walkways, patios and steps into their natural setting. They will provide a look of class and distinction to your Greenville-Spartanburg sc home. They are durable and long lasting, made of high quality materials.            A Greenville-Spartanburg sc pool house can extend your enjoyment of your backyard pool. You and your guests can use a pool house for anything from short swim breaks to an evening of games, relaxation, or social entertaining. Designer Properties can build a Greenville-Spartanburg sc pool house to fit your lifestyle and complement your home.Greenville-Spartanburg sc Deck Enhancements This is an area that can get very exciting, you can do as little as adding a gate to adding a gazebo to your deck. There are a lot of things you can do to your old Greenville-Spartanburg sc deck and we will make it look as if it was one big deck all built at the same time. There is no limitation to what we can do to your old deck. We can add a set of platform stairs, Build a Greenville-Spartanburg sc roof over all or part of the deck, we can add skirting under deck to keep animals out as well as add beauty to the deck and we can add an entire section to the decks.Here at Designer Properties, LLC, we can provide you with the best quality Greenville-Spartanburg sc sunrooms, screen rooms, carports and patio covers, These rooms are custom designed for your Greenville-Spartanburg sc home yet highly affordable. Call us if you need more information or to have one of our experienced salespeople to visit IN YOUR HOME. We can do all your Greenville-Spartanburg sc land development from clearing your Greenville-Spartanburg sc lot or acreage to final grading Land clearing Site prep Underground utilities Roads and driveways Grading-Digging Greenville-Spartanburg sc Ponds Foundations Curtain drains Hauling Ditching Stump removal Logging


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