"Q. How do you offer so many service's ? A. We are a company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"
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swimming pools Bathroom Remodel and Kitchen Renovation<body bgcolor="#000000"> <body bgcolor="#000000"> <body> <p class="windowbg" align="center">&nbsp;</p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><font face="Arial">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <embed width="623" height="128" src="savannha%20augusta/indoor.swf" /></font></p> <body bgcolor="#000000"> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <p align="center"><b><font color="#FFF700" face="Arial" size="5"><u>Our Competitive Edge </u></font><font color="#FFF700" face="Arial" size="4"><br>Our company is attractive to homeowners because we have introduced a new level of professionalism to the construction industry. In these days of increasing concerns about security, many homeowners are leery of allowing a stranger into their homes. Knowing they are working with a professional organization relieves these customers' anxiety. In addition, we offer our customers the advantages of approved, qualified and monitored craftsmen; Further, through our pool of craftsmen, we offer one-stop shopping for a variety of home owner's needs. All of these benefits make DESIGNER PROPERTIES the perfect choice for homeowners.</font></b></p> <p align="center"><font face="Arial" size="1" color="#FFF700">AIKEN, SC BATH, SC BEECH ISLAND, SC BLYTHE, GA CLEARWATER, SC EVANS, GA GLOVERVILLE, SC GRACEWOOD, GA GRANITEVILLE, SC GROVETOWN, GA HEPHZIBAH, GA JACKSON, SC KEYSVILLE, GA LANGLEY, SC NORTH AUGUSTA, SC WARRENVILLE, SC ZIP Code 30901 ZIP Code 30903 ZIP Code 30904 ZIP Code 30905 ZIP Code 30906 ZIP Code 30907 ZIP Code 30909 ZIP Code 30912 ZIP Code 30913 ZIP Code 30914 ZIP Code 30916 ZIP Code 30917 ZIP Code 30919 ZIP Code 30999&nbsp;</font></p> <b> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body> <body></body></body></body></body></body></body></b></div><b><body><body><body><body><body><body><div style="border-style: outset; border-width: 10px"></b> <p align="center"><u><b><font color="#FFF700" face="Arial">&quot;ONLY COMPANY RUN BY A TEAM OF CONTRACTORS-MASTER TRADESMAN-LANDSCAPE-DESIGNERS&quot;</font></b></u><font face="Arial" size="1"><br> &nbsp;</font></p><b> <p align="center"> <font align="center" face="Arial" color="#FFF700" size="2"><u> <font color="#FFF700">&quot;Q. How do you offer so many service&#39;s ?&nbsp; A. We are a company of Contractors-Tradesmen &amp; Designers,&quot;</font></u></font></p><p align="center"><font align="center" face="Verdana" color="#FFF700" size="1"> <img border="0" src="savannha%20augusta/000yellow_9652.gif" width="53" height="53" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <img border="0" src="savannha%20augusta/000yellow_9652.gif" width="53" height="53" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <img border="0" src="savannha%20augusta/000yellow_9652.gif" width="53" height="53" /></font></p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><b class="windowbg" align="center"> <font face="Arial"><font size="2" color="#FFF700"><u><img border="0" src="about%20us/landscape%20service.jpg" width="460" height="48"></u></font><font size="1" color="#FFF700">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </font><u><font size="2" color="#FFF700"><img border="0" src="about%20us/contractor%20build.jpg" width="460" height="49"></font></u></font></b></p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><b class="windowbg" align="center"><font face="Arial">&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/luxury_inground.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/hujkle.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="IN GROUND RESIDENTIAL POOL BUILDERS CONTRACTORS-SWIMMING POOL REMODELING: SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: (fiberglass-concrete pools or shotcrete pools) Our designers *OFFER FREE ESTIMATES*. You can have any kind of SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA backyard pool you want. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA outdoor pools, enclosed pools, indoor pools, lap pools, sports pools, saltwater pools, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA infinity pools (also called negative-edge pools or vanishing-edge pools), rock pools, black-bottom pools, and lagoon pools. We offer design features such as rock waterfalls, pool fountains, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA beach entries, pool mosaics, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA pool water features, pool lighting, tanning shelves (also called sun shelves), and colored quartz interior finishes (also called colored plaster). " /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/outdoorkitchens.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/griiiiii.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="OUTDOOR KITCHENS BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Out-door kitchen makes it easy to enjoy a complete indoor experience in your own backyard. With all the features available - including sinks, faucets, drain boards, cutting boards and towel racks-a refreshment center is an invaluable tool in outdoor entertaining." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/ponds.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/gbcx.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="WATER FEATURES BACK YARD WATER GARDENS: SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA We install all types of water features including water gardens, ponds, fountains, streams, Tea House, Bridges, waterfalls and SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA swimming pool landscaping." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/deckbuilders.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/jadd.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="DECK BUILDERS DESIGNERS REPAIR SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Residential services for SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA decks with fireplaces, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA gazebos, pergolas, open porches and loggias, arbors, privacy screens-fences, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA planters and benches, latticework, ramps and walkways, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA docks, and garden structures." /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/brick-masons.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/brrrrr.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="BRICK BLOCK LAYERS MASONS REPAIR FOUNDATIONS WALLS: SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA We do all types of custom masonry construction.- SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA chimneys, brick block-Repair Remodels We also do remodels, upgrades Design Work We also offer limited design work for your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA masonry projects. Restoration Work New to historical." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/bath-renovations.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/baaaaaaaaaaa.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="BATH RENOVATIONS REMODELING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Bathroom Remodeling and Design, Updating or building a new SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA bathroom is one of today's most popular home projects. The modern bathroom has become stylish, efficient, and comfortable, if not downright luxurious. A SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA bathroom remodel can add immeasurably to your comfort and enjoyment, as well as raise the value of the house." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/stamped-concrete-cement.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/concrete.jpg" width="93" height="76" alt="CONCRETE REPAIR REPLACE SERVICES SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Your complete SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA concrete specialty company. When you have construction that calls for the services of a contractor, consider Designer Properties. We specialize in all aspects of concrete construction from commercial, slip-forming, gang forming, tilt-up construction, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA poured walls, footings, foundations, site concrete, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA residential poured wall basements, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA stamped concrete driveways-patios, decorative concrete, driveways stamping or acid staining, concrete garage floors." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/tx-nc-ga_sc_garagebuilders.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/llrr.jpg" width="95" height="76" alt="GARAGE BUILDERS FINISHING ONE TWO THREE SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Custom Built to Match Your Home, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA One car garage builders— the basic garage, with optional service door and windows and limited storage space. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Two cars garage builders— the overhead door located for easy access, with standard service door and optional windows and basic storage space. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Two and one-half cars garage builders— one of our most popular sizes, with standard service door and windows and ample storage space for bikes, lawn mowers, yard tools, and work benches. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Three or more cars garage builders — the best option for the owner who has multiple cars, boats, or other vehicles, additional storage needs, and room for a workshop. RALEIGH Gable roof garage design — the standard garage roof style. The triangular gable faces the road and is built to match the gables on the house. RALEIGH Reverse gable roof garage design — one of the most common garage roof styles. The angle of the roofline slopes to the front and back of the garage. The gable ends face the sides. RALEIGH Hip roof garage design — built for extra storage capacity and extra strength in windstorms. Several types are available. RALEIGH I-joist — ideal for the homeowner with extra garage storage needs. The strength of the I-joist wood beams in the floor allows the structure to support the weight of additional storage space above. RALEIGH Balloon construction — another option for extra garage storage space and strength. The capacity on the upper level is supported by continuous wall studs that run the entire height of the structure." /></a></font></b></p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><b class="windowbg" align="center"><font face="Arial">&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/paver-stone-driveways.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/driv.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="DRIVEWAYS INSTALL PAVERS FLAGSTONE GRAVEL COBBLESTONE SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Want a new SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA flagstone or brick driveway? Our highly qualified installation crews are more than laborers, they are true artisans. In about a week, we can replace your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA cracked concrete driveway or patio deck with beautiful interlocking SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA pavers or natural stone. Check out our paving and stone gallery to see samples of our work. " /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/erosioncontrol.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/r3.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="RETAINING WALLS EROSION CONTROL REPAIR INSTALLERS BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We install Stone Brick Concrete or Timber retainer walls, if that is what your project needs. No matter the height of the wall or the materials being used, we can build a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA retaining wall that will resist the forces of time and nature for years to come." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/FirePlaces/stonebrick.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/in1.JPG" width="100" height="76" alt="INDOOR STONE BRICK FIREPLACES REMODEL REPAIR SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We build many styles of SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA fireplaces. We can take a True Rumford Fireplace from start to finish brick by brick or we can install SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, masonry heaters or just create decorative noncombustible walls and hearths for any wood stove." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/PondsInstallation.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/pondm8.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="PONDS BUILDERS REPAIR INSTALLERS KOI SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We create fish ponds, garden ponds, vanishing waterfalls, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA babbling brooks, and meandering streams that produce the wonder of natural sites and sounds and increase property values. " /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/porches.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/scree.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="SCREENED PORCHES ROOMS PATIOS BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We can quickly improve the quality of your life by giving you SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA outdoor living space that is comfortable and functional. Whether it be replacing SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA screen porch, or screening your existing structure, we can get the job done on time and within budget." /></a></font><font face="Arial" size="2" color="#FFF700"><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/basementscontractors.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/base.jpg" width="104" height="76" alt="BASEMENTS FINISHING REMODELING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Theatre rooms, bonus rooms, home offices, if it has been done in a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA basement we have done it. From fully digital audio surround theatre rooms to playrooms for the kids, Designer Properties, LLC is at your service. We will provide you with the know-how and the information to turn that dark lifeless SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA basement into something to talk about." /></a></font><font face="Arial"><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/hardwood-floor-installers.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/flo.jpg" width="96" height="76" alt="HARD-WOOD FLOORS REPAIR INSTALLERS RE-FINISH SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Wood floors have come a long way in the past few years. Today, there are more styles, colors and species of SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA wood flooring available than ever before. Whether you’re looking for traditional Oak, rustic Pine, exotic Wenge or trendy Bamboo, you’re sure to find a color and style to fit your décor. ONCE YOU DO FIND YOUR STYLE, CALL US AND WE'LL COME TO INSTALL FOR YOU!" /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/sunroom-builders-installers.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/frtyyo.jpg" width="91" height="76" alt="SUN-ROOMS BUILDERS INSTALLERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We can customize your new space to match your existing home and landscape. We can build to any elevation, including second story additions and with or without stairs. We can also build you patio rooms, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA enclosed sunrooms, Whatever the reason for choosing a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA sunroom, conservatory, or SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA patio enclosure, it will become a integral part of your life. It's an investment in your home and your lifestyle. Relax...escape...and unwind!" /></a></font></b></p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><b class="windowbg" align="center"><font face="Arial">&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/paverpatios.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/100_0214.JPG" width="100" height="76" alt="PATIOS INSTALLERS BUILDERS PAVERS FLAGSTONE SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Asian inspired design, One of the most important parts of the American household is the expansion of outdoor living space. One of the oldest and longest lasting forms of outdoor space is a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA patio. Patio's can be made out of numerous types of stones and built many different ways. They are built with SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA flagstone or granite, using stone dust or cement to bond together." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/outdoor_fireplace.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/a10.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="FIRE-PITS BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: A Fire Pit is a great way to enjoy an outdoor fire! SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA A Fire Pit allows you to enjoy your patio in comfort and warmth. And a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Fire Pit adds the ambiance of an open fire right on your Deck or Patio! " /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/irrigation_lawn.-10984.html"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/irr.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION LAWN INSTALL SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We can handle all your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA irrigation needs, large or small for and the surrounding area Design and installation of new systems (SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA sprinkler, drip or bubbler) Repair or improve existing SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA irrigation systems." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/stone-mason.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/sttttttt.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="STONE MASON MASONRY REPAIR SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: There's nothing quite like the look of natural stone that has been quarried and cut to fit beautifully into your home. such as selected river rock, fieldstone or flagstone. natural stone is perfect for a number of projects around the house - from stepping stones and SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA outdoor columns to fireplaces and interior walls Building with rock and stone is what we are all about. Our stone work consists of SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Veneers, Foundations, Chimneys, Retaining Walls, Building Stone, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Veneer Stone, and much more, for a custom design that will fit your need and lifestyle. We are experts in the field of Landscaping and Rock work. If you have a vision of what you want, tell us about it. Do you have a masonry idea? " /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/tx-ga-nc_sc-fences.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/fen.jpg" width="92" height="76" alt="FENCES YARD REPAIR INSTALL SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We Install And Repair All Types Of Fences, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Stone-Brick Privacy Fence Including Vinyl, Wood,We build fence of all types for SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA farm or residential, horse fence, cattle, privacy, chain link, board, cross buck board, woven wire, electric, just all types. We give free estimates. " /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/carpenters.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/carpe.jpg" width="104" height="76" alt="CARPENTER SERVICES TRIM FRAMING FINISHING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We can provide you with SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA custom trim installations and SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA built-in bookcase and entertainment center construction. We offer SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA interior renovations, skylight installations, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA window repair and installations, new door installations, and more stairs, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA shop or shed, start to finish." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/Kitchenremodeling.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/ghju.jpg" width="95" height="76" alt="KITCHEN REMODELING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Kitchen remodeling and renovation specialist contractors, We provide Quality, craftsmanship, design, specification, building, installation and finishing all under single management. We specialize in Complete SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA gut renovations Combining apartments SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Custom kitchens, cabinetry &amp; built-ins Assisting co-op/condo owners with board approvals SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA General contractors Smaller or unusually-shaped kitchens, may require customizations to make the best use of your available space. Large, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA luxury kitchens also require the most careful designing to make them as functional and esthetically rewarding as possible. A thorough knowledge of materials and their applications, coupled with skilled installation techniques, is essential to carry out a fine design and assure the durability that you deserve in your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA kitchen renovation." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/home-bonus-room_additions.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/adddddddd.jpg" width="98" height="76" alt="HOME ADDITIONS BONUS ADD-ON ROOM SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Need more room? We can extend the living area of your existing home by adding a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA new wing or home addition. Or Mother-in Law suites, Family room, Master Bedroom, We're experts at building and designing SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA large or mall additions and dormers to your existing home. Enhancing the beauty and function of your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA home is paramount to the satisfaction and enjoyment you experience every day in your newly SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA remodeled home. Looking to add significant living space?? Our years of experience specializing in major SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA home additions makes us a safe, logical choice. We can remodel your home and add a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA first floor addition. Adding space adds value to your home. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Master Bedrooms and Baths Whether you need a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA master bedroom, more bedrooms or baths, a in-law suite, a master bath and walk-in closet or a deluxe master retreat....2018 We do it all!! SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Great Rooms, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Recreation Rooms, Home Offices or Dens." /></a><font color="#FFF700">&nbsp; </font></font></b></p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><b class="windowbg" align="center"><font color="#FFF700" face="Arial">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/Cultured.htm"> <img src="savannha%20augusta/photo0258-sm.JPG" border="2" width="95" height="76" alt="CULTURED STONE Architectural-Stone-Installation SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: It looks like stone. It feels like stone. It’s even made from stone. But it is not stone. It’s Cultured Stone – and is accepted worldwide by builders and architects alike. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Cultured stone products can however be designed to &quot;match&quot; the stone surface type you are going after, are typically more striking and durable than real stone products for SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA CULTURED STONE fireplaces walls projects. Imagine also the pleasant bonus of lesser costs. The look of cultured stone is composed of stone aggregates, dyes and lightweight cement. It is said that most sellers of cultured stones offer a half-a-century guarantee against wear and tear. Cultured Stone also doesn’t require any additional footings, foundations, or wall ties, saving you time and money." /></a></font><font color="#FFF700" face="Arial" size="5"><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/landscape_lighting.-10946.html"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/gro.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="LANDSCAPE LIGHTING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Outdoor Landscape Lighting What do we light? Trees and Shrubs Gardens Pathways Walkways Decks Pergola's Gazebo's Waterfalls Walls." /></a></font><font face="Arial"><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/builders.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/bridgem.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="ARBORS-PERGOLAS GAZEBOS CARPORTS BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Let Designer Properties design and install a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA garden structure for your property. Our unique collection is made of your choice of high quality Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine or Cypress. Both woods are rot and insect resistant. So, they perform well in the hot, moist climate of the Southern United States. We also offer a selection of more exotic woods upon special request. We specialize in designing and building SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA custom pergolas, carports, arbors, garden trellises. We build to highlight and compliment any yard, garden, or outdoor living space. " /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/aphotogallery_2002/Landscape_02/landscapingcontractors.htm"><img src="savannha%20augusta/index.1.jpg" width="100" height="76" border="2" alt="LANDSCAPING DESIGN SERVICES UPGRADES SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Revamping the front of your home is more than just improving the aesthetics of your space; adding curbside appeal to your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA landscape can actually add to the value of your property and bring in your asking price should you decide to sell. We are full of ideas to add curb appeal to your property and transform a dull landscape into the prettiest front yard on the block" /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/sidingContractors.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/vinnnnn.jpg" width="94" height="76" alt="HOUSE HOME SIDING REPAIR INSTALL SIDING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Install vinyl siding wood, Repair brick, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA House Siding Few home improvements or repairs can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA house like new house siding. House siding materials have varied over the years and have included: SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA wood siding, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA aluminum siding, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA vinyl siding, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA hardboard composite, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA fiberglass, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA cement fiber siding." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/installers-tile.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/glt1.jpg" width="106" height="76" alt="TILE INSTALLERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We install Travertine, Marble, Granite, Slate, Quarry Stone, Spanish Pavers, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Ceramic Tile, Flagstone, Slate, River Rock .We install indoors SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Tile Floors, Countertops, Fireplaces, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Tile Showers, Bathrooms ..We install outdoors SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA for Swimming Pool Copings, Stonework, Walkways, Waterfalls, Fountains .We seal grout joints and tiles, including already completed work ...We install SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Tile ceramic tile, marble, wood flooring, laminate flooring, pattern floors, floating floors, showers, tub wraps, tile countertops, SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Tile backsplashes &amp; fireplaces." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/2second-story-addition.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/de.jpg" width="92" height="76" alt="2nd STORY ADDITIONS BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Do you love your beautiful SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA home and absolutely adore your neighborhood but need more space? A SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA second story addition may be the perfect solution to your square footage dilemma. Many times building out horizontally is not an option or is undesirable- that's when you build vertically!" /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/stuccocontractors.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/stuuuuuu.gif" width="100" height="76" alt="STUCCO REPAIR SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: If your stucco is showing signs of deterioration SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA efflorescence, blistering, peeling, or excessive cracking, you need our restoration service. We repair, replace or install your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA stucco to restore beauty and performance to your home exterior. If you own a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA hardcoat stucco, synthetic stucco (E.I.F.S. - Exterior Insulation Finish System), brick or stone home with stucco accents We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and solve your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA stucco repair problems. We provide written proposals and will schedule the work in a timely manner. We are just a phone call away! Hardcoat &amp; Synthetic (EIFS) Stucco Repairs Do you have SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA stucco cracks, bulges or even stucco falling off of your house? This may mean you have rotten wood under the stucco. We can help! Whether you have hardcoat or synthetic stucco (EIFS - Exterior Insulation &amp; Finish System) We can correct the problem. We do SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA stucco chimney repair and repair bird holes too! Diverter flashings, proper water sealing and painting with elastomeric coating are all necessary to maintain the stucco and seal out water and moisture on your home for years to come." /></a></font></b></p><p class="windowbg" align="center"><b class="windowbg" align="center"><font face="Arial">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/outdoor_fireplace.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/outdoorbbq.jpg" width="94" height="76" alt="OUTDOOR-OUTSIDE FIREPLACES BUILDERS WOOD GAS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We build and design SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA outdoor stone brick patio fireplaces. Installing a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA outdoor fireplace in your backyard can be one of the best moves to take as part of your preparation for the coming of the winter months. There’s nothing more pleasing than sitting in the garden on one starry night with the comforting heat of an SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA outdoor fireplace. Not only that. The fireplace you’ve installed outside can also make your time with friends more memorable as all of you may enjoy around it while sharing some good news to each other. Isn’t it great? Well, yes, it is." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/aphotogallery_2002/Landscape_03/curb-appeal-landscaping.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/landscape372.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Remember, when landscaping for curb appeal, you will want to provide a view that is just as pleasing for passersby as it is for you. This may entail choosing a plan that is easy to maintain if your gardening time is limited.While SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA landscaping for curb appeal focuses on just the landscape design elements, every aspect on the front of your home including painting and repairs should be considered. Unlike SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA backyard landscaping ideas, the front yard has to consider access, parking, safety, and invitation. Accenting access and parking areas such as walkways and driveways with a few flower beds and borders will, in most cases, instantly create an impressive and inviting appeal." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/aphotogallery_2002/Masterplan_02/tegacay.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/masterplan2_002b.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="STEPPING STONES PAVER BRICK SIDE WALKS-WALK-WAYS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: To enhance the look of the exterior of your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA home let Designer Properties install beautiful SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA flower beds and shrubs. Our knowledgeable landscape staff has the experience to create SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA entrance gardens, patios, walkways and even water gardens. View samples of our work in the landscaping portion of this web site." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/aphotogallery_2002/walkway/walkways.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/walkway_002a.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="WALKWAYS PATHS TRAILS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Designer Properties can enhance the look of both the front and back of your residence by installing a patio or SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA steps using brick, natural stone, pavers and other landscaping materials. We work with the site and nature's intent to install walkways, patios and steps into their natural setting. They will provide a look of class and distinction to your home. They are durable and long lasting, made of high quality materials." /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/pool_houses.htm"> <img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/poooooo.jpg" width="100" height="76" alt="POOL HOUSES REMODEL BUILDERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: A SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA pool house can extend your enjoyment of your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA backyard pool. You and your guests can use a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA pool house for anything from short swim breaks to an evening of games, relaxation, or social entertaining. Designer Properties can build a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA pool house to fit your lifestyle and complement your home." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/deck-builders-georgia.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/p2.jpg" width="108" height="76" alt="DECK ENHANCEMENTS REPAIR SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Add a little style to your deck with these SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Planters and Benches This is an area that can get very exciting, you can do as little as adding a gate to adding a gazebo to your deck. There are a lot of things you can do to your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA old deck and we will make it look as if it was one big deck all built at the same time. There is no limitation to what we can do to your old deck. We can add a set of platform stairs, Build a SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA roof over all or part of the deck, we can add SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA skirting under deck to keep animals out as well as add beauty to the deck and we can add an entire section to SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA decks." /></a><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/aphotogallery_2002/Excavation/charlottegrading.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/IMG_125.JPG" width="95" height="76" alt="FOOTINGS DIGGING LOT LAND DRIVEWAY GRADING CLEARING SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: We can do all your land development from clearing your SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA lot or acreage to final grading SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Land clearing Site prep Underground utilities Roads and SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA driveways Grading-SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Digging Ponds Foundations Curtain drains Hauling Ditching Stump removal Logging." /></a></font></b><a href="https://www.dpandassociates.net/tx-nc-sc-ga-house-home_painters.htm"><img border="2" src="savannha%20augusta/pain.jpg" width="89" height="76" alt="RESIDENTIAL HOME HOUSE PAINTING PAINTERS SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Do you need skilled SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA painters for your home or apartment? We invite you to take advantage of our high quality work. SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Home House Painters Custom Interior and Exterior Painting Custom Repaint of Residential and Commercial Property* Painting of Income property* Painting of New Construction/Remodel We offer: SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA Pressure Washing cleaning Thorough and complete surface preparation SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Multi-Color Schemes SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Carpentry Repair/Wood Restoration SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Drywall Patch and Repair SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Custom Sprayed finishes SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Lacquer/Staining/Varnishing SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Acoustic ceiling and SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: wallpaper removal/ Retexturing SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Faux Finishes SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Mildew-Removing-Cleaning Proof Coatings Specialty Coatings SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Kitchen-Bath Cabinets Refinishing-Installers SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Deck Staining and Floor Coatings SAVANNAH GA-AUGUSTA GEORGIA: Color Consulting "></a> </p> <p class="windowbg" align="center">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 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border-width: 10px"> <p align="center"><font face="Arial" color="#FFF700" size="3">ALL OF Georgia</font></p> <p class="windowbg" align="center" style="width: 921px"> <font color="#FFF700" face="Arial" size="1">Serviced cities GA: Acworth, GA Alpharetta, GA Atlanta, GA Augusta, GA Buford, GA Canton, GA Columbus, GA Conyers, GA Cumming, GA Dacula, GA Dallas, GA Decatur, GA Douglasville, GA Duluth, GA Gainesville, GA Kennesaw, GA Lawrenceville, GA Lilburn, GA Lithonia, GA Loganville, GA Marietta, GA Norcross, GA Powder Springs, GA Roswell, GA Savannah, GA Smyrna, GA Snellville, GA Stone Mountain, GA Suwanee, GA Woodstock, GA GA Counties we cover: Barrow County Bartow County Camden County Carroll County Chatham County Cherokee County Clarke County Clayton County Cobb County Coweta County Dekalb County Douglas County Fayette County Forsyth County Fulton County Gwinnett County Hall County Henry County Houston County Jackson County Muscogee County Newton County Paulding County Richmond County Rockdale County &nbsp;Georgia Zip codes our Contractors service: 30004 30008 30013 30016 30019 30022 30024 30034 30038 30039 30040 30041 30043 30044 30045 30047 30052 30058 30060 30062 30064 30066 30067 30068 30071 30075 30076 30078 30080 30083 30084 30087 30092 30096 30097 30101 30102 30114 30115 30126 30127 30132 30134 30135 30144 30152 30188 30189 30213 30214 30228 30236 30252 30269 30274 30281 30303 30324 30331 30340 30341 30342 30349 30350 30360 30506 30518 30519 30533 30534 30542 30680 30721 30906 30907 31093 31548 31901 31904 31909 </font> <p align="center"> &nbsp;</p><p align="center"> <font align="center" face="Arial" color="#FFF700" size="1"> <img border="0" src="CHARLOTTE%20RENOVATION/000yellow_9652.gif" width="53" height="53" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 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