FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL JOBS !!!!!! Are you into the new trend of "Flipping Houses" ? We offer complete renovation services in Raleigh Cary NC★ and now COLUMBIA SC for home buyers and real estate investors looking to cash in on the potential profit of foreclosed and neglected properties. renovation design Raleigh Cary NC★


Makers of Raleigh Cary NC premium custom kitchen & bath cabinetry-book shelves, at a *price well within your reach.* Hand crafted and able to build almost any design you can imagine. Preview our cabinetry.

1:Raleigh Cary NC Home Theaters & Wall Units

2:Raleigh Cary NC Kitchen Cabinets

3:Raleigh Cary NC Custom Bathroom Cabinets Designs

4:Raleigh Cary NC Custom Bar Cabinets

5:Raleigh Cary NC Office Cabinets and Desks

6:Our Raleigh Cary NC Cabinetry Building Process

7:Raleigh Cary NC Custom Closets

8;Raleigh Cary NC Custom Garage Cabinets

 Custom designs, builds, and installs custom cabinetry for your entire home. crafts beautiful kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets one at a time, personalized for your life and style, and delivered on time, every time

Raleigh Cary NC★ Home Additions - Need more room? We can extend the living area of your existing home by adding a new wing or second story. Or how about adding that garage, carport or Raleigh Cary NC★ workshop you've always wanted? We build both attached and separate units as large or small as you need. Home additions, Don't move out, build on. 1 and 2 story additions, Mother-in Law suites, Family room, Master Bedroom, HOME ADDITIONS BONUS ADD-ON ROOM Raleigh Cary NC★: Need more room? We can extend the living area of your existing home by adding a Raleigh Cary NC★ new wing or home addition. Or Mother-in Law suites, Family room, Master Bedroom, We're experts at building and designing Raleigh Cary NC★ large or mall additions and dormers to your existing home. Enhancing the beauty and function of your Raleigh Cary NC★ home is paramount to the satisfaction and enjoyment you experience every day in your newly Raleigh Cary NC★ remodeled home. Looking to add significant living space?? Our years of experience specializing in major Raleigh Cary NC★ home additions makes us a safe, logical choice. We can remodel your home and add a Raleigh Cary NC★ first floor addition. Adding space adds value to your home. Raleigh Cary NC★ Master Bedrooms and Baths Whether you need a Raleigh Cary NC★ master bedroom, more bedrooms or baths, a in-law suite, a master bath and walk-in closet or a deluxe master retreat....2018 We do it all!! Raleigh Cary NC★ Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Great Rooms, Raleigh Cary NC★ Recreation Rooms, Home Offices or Dens.

Residential services for Raleigh Cary NC★ deck builders design and installation Raleigh Cary NC★ pool decks and Raleigh Cary NC★ decks with fireplaces, gazebos, pergolas, open porches and loggias, Builder of arbors, privacy screens, planters and benches, latticework, ramps and walkways, docks, and garden structures Raleigh Cary NC★ DECK BUILDERS POOL-DECKS COST BUILDERS DESIGNERS REPAIR: Residential services for Raleigh Cary NC★ decks with fireplaces, We can help you with all phases of your deck project. From a deck idea you may have, straight through to Raleigh Cary NC★ deck building. We have plenty of basic deck plans to choose from or if you are looking for a more complex design, we can make a custom design to your specifications. We have extensive experience with decks of all shapes and sizes, Raleigh Cary NC★ hot tub decks, Raleigh Cary NC★ above ground pool decks, gazebos, We can build decks using any type of materials you specify to include, composite wood materials, such as Trex, Timbertech Choicedek, Weather best as well as decks with all wood construction, ACQ Treated lumber, Cedar, Redwood, and Ipe Brazilian hardwood. We also make Raleigh Cary NC★ custom deck accessories such as deck benches and planter boxes.


Raleigh Cary NC★ Sunrooms Builders Designers - We can customize your new space to match your existing home and landscape. We can build to any elevation, including second story additions and with or without stairs. We can also build you're Raleigh Cary NC★, enclosed deck-sunrooms, as well as combination areas such as decks and patios including Jacuzzi and hot tub surrounds.

Raleigh Cary NC★ Pool House Builders »Planning Your New Pool House A pool house can extend your enjoyment of your backyard pool. You and your guests can use a pool house for anything from short swim breaks to an evening of games, relaxation, or social entertaining. Designer Properties can build a pool house to fit your lifestyle and complement your home.

Improve your home by remodeling your Raleigh Cary NC★ bathroom, The bathroom is the one and only room in your house that you can pretty much guarantee everyone is going to pay a visit to sooner or later. It's not a luxury it's a necessity, everyone has to go. It's the only room in your house that your guests will ask directions to. BATH RENOVATIONS REMODELING Raleigh Cary NC★: Bathroom Remodeling and Design, Updating or building a new Raleigh Cary NC★ bathroom is one of today's most popular home projects. The modern bathroom has become stylish, efficient, and comfortable, if not downright luxurious. A Raleigh Cary NC★ bathroom remodel can add immeasurably to your comfort and enjoyment, as well as raise the value of the house.

"It's our job to find out what the customer wants. We can create any look. Our goal is to make a Raleigh Cary NC★ kitchen Remodeling job look like the house was built around it. How many people usually eat together in your Raleigh Cary NC★ kitchen? Where do they like to sit? What kinds of foods do you prepare? How much entertaining do you do? These are the kinds of questions we ask to help create a picture of what the customer is looking for, Raleigh Cary NC★ Kitchen Remodeling Design" KITCHEN REMODELING Raleigh Cary NC★: Kitchen remodeling and renovation specialist contractors, We provide Quality, craftsmanship, design, specification, building, installation and finishing all under single management. We specialize in Complete Raleigh Cary NC★ gut renovations Combining apartments Raleigh Cary NC★ Custom kitchens, cabinetry & built-ins Assisting co-op/condo owners with board approvals Raleigh Cary NC★ General contractors Smaller or unusually-shaped kitchens, may require customizations to make the best use of your available space. Large, Raleigh Cary NC★ luxury kitchens also require the most careful designing to make them as functional and esthetically rewarding as possible. A thorough knowledge of materials and their applications, coupled with skilled installation techniques, is essential to carry out a fine design and assure the durability that you deserve in your Raleigh Cary NC★ kitchen renovation.


Existing Raleigh Cary NC★ Deck repair Enhancements This is an area that can get very exciting, you can do as little as adding a gate to adding a gazebo to your deck. There are a lot of things you can do to your old deck and we will make it look as if it was one big deck all built at the same time. There is no limitation to what we can do to your old Raleigh Cary NC★ deck. We can add a set of platform stairs, a roof over all or part of the deck, we can add skirting under deck to keep animals out as well as add beauty to the deck and we can add an entire section to the decks.

Raleigh Cary NC★ fence installers: We Install And Repair All Types Of Raleigh Cary NC★ Fences, Including Vinyl, Wood, Chain, Link, and Aluminum. We build Brick, Stone, Block, Privacy fences


CULTURED STONE Architectural-Stone-Installation Raleigh Cary NC★: It looks like stone. It feels like stone. It’s even made from stone. But it is not stone. It’s Cultured Stone – and is accepted worldwide by builders and architects alike. Raleigh Cary NC★ Cultured stone products can however be designed to "match" the stone surface type you are going after, are typically more striking and durable than real stone products for Raleigh Cary NC★ CULTURED STONE fireplaces walls projects. Imagine also the pleasant bonus of lesser costs. The look of cultured stone is composed of stone aggregates, dyes and lightweight cement. It is said that most sellers of cultured stones offer a half-a-century guarantee against wear and tear. Cultured Stone also doesn’t require any additional footings, foundations, or wall ties, saving you time and money.

Raleigh Cary NC★ Stone Masons contractors installers There's nothing quite like the look of natural stone that has been quarried and cut to fit beautifully into your home. such as selected river rock, fieldstone or flagstone. natural stone is perfect for a number of projects around the house - from stepping stones and outdoor columns to fireplaces and interior walls. We install Raleigh Cary NC★ cultured stone. STONE MASON MASONRY REPAIR Raleigh Cary NC★: There's nothing quite like the look of natural stone that has been quarried and cut to fit beautifully into your home. such as selected river rock, fieldstone or flagstone. natural stone is perfect for a number of projects around the house - from stepping stones and Raleigh Cary NC★ outdoor columns to fireplaces and interior walls Building with rock and stone is what we are all about. Our stone work consists of Raleigh Cary NC★ Veneers, Foundations, Chimneys, Retaining Walls, Building Stone, Raleigh Cary NC★ Veneer Stone, and much more, for a custom design that will fit your need and lifestyle. We are experts in the field of Landscaping and Rock work. If you have a vision of what you want, tell us about it. Do you have a masonry idea?

Brick veneer siding installers in Raleigh Cary NC★ Brick Masons  Masonry Services: We do all types of custom masonry construction. Mainly custom masonry work, our skilled brick and stone masons will provide the quality and look you desire. Brickwork Exterior veneers, Faces, Lamp posts, Raleigh Cary NC★ Fireplaces, Raleigh Cary NC★ Retaining walls, arches, detail work Fireplaces Real wood burning masonry fireplaces Block Retaining walls, buildings BBQ's Custom built in masonry BBQ's Specialty Work All types Glass Block All types, showers, walls, windows, partitions Repairs All types, Raleigh Cary NC★ chimneys, brick block, stone Remodels We also do remodels, upgrades Design Work We also offer limited design work for your Raleigh Cary NC★ custom masonry projects. Restoration Work New to historic. BRICK BLOCK LAYERS MASONS REPAIR FOUNDATIONS WALLS: Raleigh Cary NC★ We do all types of custom masonry construction.- Raleigh Cary NC★ chimneys, brick block-Repair Remodels We also do remodels, upgrades Design Work We also offer limited design work for your Raleigh Cary NC★ masonry projects. Restoration Work New to historical.

We build many styles of in-door Raleigh Cary NC★ fireplaces. We can take a True Rumford Fireplace from start to finish brick by brick or we can install gas stone fireplaces, fireplace inserts, masonry heaters or just create decorative noncombustible walls and hearths for any wood stove. INDOOR STONE BRICK FIREPLACES REMODEL REPAIR Raleigh Cary NC★: We build many styles of Raleigh Cary NC★ fireplaces. We can take a True Rumford Fireplace from start to finish brick by brick or we can install Raleigh Cary NC★ gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, masonry heaters or just create decorative noncombustible walls and hearths for any wood stove.


Raleigh Cary NC★ CONCRETE SERVICES: Your complete concrete specialty company. When you have construction that calls for the services of a contractor, consider Designer Properties. We specialize in all aspects of concrete construction from commercial, slip-forming, gang forming, tilt-up construction, poured walls, footings, foundations, site concrete, residential poured wall basements, Raleigh Cary NC★ replace repair decorative concrete, driveways patios, stamping or acid staining, CONCRETE REPAIR REPLACE SERVICES Raleigh Cary NC★: Your complete Raleigh Cary NC★ concrete specialty company. When you have construction that calls for the services of a, consider Designer Properties. We specialize in all aspects of concrete construction from commercial, slip-forming, gang forming, tilt-up construction, Raleigh Cary NC★ poured walls, footings, foundations, site concrete, Raleigh Cary NC★ residential poured wall basements, Raleigh Cary NC★ stamped concrete driveways-patios, decorative concrete, Raleigh Cary NC★ driveways stamping or acid staining, concrete garage floors.


STUCCO REPAIR Raleigh Cary NC★: If your stucco is showing signs of deterioration Raleigh Cary NC★ efflorescence, blistering, peeling, or excessive cracking, you need our restoration service. We repair, replace or install your Raleigh Cary NC★ stucco to restore beauty and performance to your home exterior. If you own a Raleigh Cary NC★ hardcoat stucco, synthetic stucco (E.I.F.S. - Exterior Insulation Finish System), brick or stone home with stucco accents We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and solve your Raleigh Cary NC★ stucco repair problems. We provide written proposals and will schedule the work in a timely manner. We are just a phone call away! Hardcoat & Synthetic (EIFS) Stucco Repairs Do you have Raleigh Cary NC★ stucco cracks, bulges or even stucco falling off of your house? This may mean you have rotten wood under the stucco. We can help! Whether you have hardcoat or synthetic stucco (EIFS - Exterior Insulation & Finish System) We can correct the problem. We do Raleigh Cary NC★ stucco chimney repair and repair bird holes too! Diverter flashings, proper water sealing and painting with elastomeric coating are all necessary to maintain the stucco and seal out water and moisture on your home for years to come.

We offer a variety of services that include Raleigh Cary NC★ screen porches, privacy screens, custom railings, We build Raleigh Cary NC★ gazebos, planters, built-in benches, walkways, ramps, pool decks custom built storage sheds and any other wood built outdoor project you may have. SCREENED PORCHES ROOMS PATIOS BUILDERS Raleigh Cary NC★: We can quickly improve the quality of your life by giving you Raleigh Cary NC★ outdoor living space that is comfortable and functional. Whether it be replacing Raleigh Cary NC★ screen porch, or screening your existing structure, we can get the job done on time and within budget.

Garage builders in Raleigh Cary NC★ area Custom Built Garages to Match Your Home We specialize in garages that are custom built to compliment and increase the value of your home. Our Services include: - Applying for township building permits and conforming to all local construction codes. - Operating as a fully insured builder. - Having construction performed by our own men. This assures you that our quality standards are met through each phase of construction. - The freedom to choose size, design, color of materials, and position of door openings. - Leaving our job sites orderly each day to minimize inconvenience to you. Raleigh Cary NC★ garage addition cost. Garage Builders.


Do you love your beautiful house and absolutely adore your neighborhood but need more space? A Raleigh Cary NC★ second story addition may be the perfect solution to your square footage dilemma. Many times building out horizontally is not an option or is undesirable- that's when you build vertically!

Raleigh Cary NC★ basement finishing: Theatre rooms, bonus rooms, home offices, if it has been done in an existing Raleigh Cary NC★ basement we have done it. From fully digital audio surround theatre rooms to playrooms for the kids, Designer Properties, LLC is at your service. We will provide you with the know-how and the information to turn that dark lifeless basement into something to talk about.

Raleigh Cary NC★ Carpenters Services:  Raleigh Cary NC★ Historic Home Restoration and Fine Finish Carpentry and Millwork One of our specialties is historic preservation and restoration, We will come in and trim out your Raleigh Cary NC★ house with new casing & base, or install crown molding for you. We can Build Raleigh Cary NC★ libraries and bookcases to kitchen wainscots and fine detail woodwork. Be sure to call us for a competitive bid, residential and commercial. Complete new Raleigh Cary NC★ home, additions, stairs, kitchens and bathrooms, garage, Custom Raleigh Cary NC★ shop or shed, Builders start to finish. CARPENTER SERVICES TRIM FRAMING FINISHING Raleigh Cary NC★: We can provide you with Raleigh Cary NC★ custom trim installations and Raleigh Cary NC★ built-in bookcase and entertainment center construction. We offer Raleigh Cary NC★ interior renovations, skylight installations, Raleigh Cary NC★ window repair and installations, new door installations, and more stairs, Raleigh Cary NC★ shop or shed, start to finish.

We are the choice for an excellent installation at an affordable price ! We install Raleigh Cary NC★ Travertine, Marble, Granite, Slate, Quarry Stone, Spanish Pavers, Raleigh Cary NC★ Ceramic Tile, Flagstone, Slate, River Rock .We install indoors: Raleigh Cary NC★ Tile Floors, Countertops, Fireplaces, Showers, Bathrooms ..We install outdoors: for Swimming Pool Copings, We seal grout joints and tiles, including already completed work ...We install Raleigh Cary NC★ ceramic tile installers, marble, wood flooring contractors, laminate flooring, pattern floors, floating floors, showers, tub wraps, tile countertops, backsplashes & fireplaces.

Raleigh Cary NC★ Hardwood Floor Installers.  Raleigh Cary NC★ Hardwood floors have come a long way in the past few years. Today, there are more styles, colors and species of wood flooring available than ever before. Whether you’re looking for traditional Oak, rustic Pine, exotic Wenge or trendy Bamboo, you’re sure to find a color and style to fit your décor. ONCE YOU DO FIND YOUR STYLE, CALL US AND WE'LL COME TO INSTALL FOR YOU!

Increase The Value Of Your Raleigh Cary NC★ Home By Over $5,000! New Raleigh Cary NC★ siding will enhance the look of your home and it can increase the resale value by more than $5,000. Raleigh Cary NC★ homes with new siding recouped an average of 66 percent of the siding cost. Today's improved vinyl siding can truly beautify your home and with Designer Properties you get the most for your home improvement dollars - from consultation through follow up maintenance. HOUSE HOME SIDING REPAIR INSTALL SIDING Raleigh Cary NC★: Install vinyl siding wood, Repair brick, Raleigh Cary NC★ House Siding Few home improvements or repairs can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your Raleigh Cary NC★ house like new house siding. House siding materials have varied over the years and have included: Raleigh Cary NC★ wood siding, Raleigh Cary NC★ aluminum siding, Raleigh Cary NC★ vinyl siding, Raleigh Cary NC★ hardboard composite, Raleigh Cary NC★ fiberglass, Raleigh Cary NC★ cement fiber siding.

Raleigh Cary NC★ Home House Painters Custom Interior and Exterior Painting

* Custom Repaint of Residential and Commercial Property
* Painting of Income property
* Painting of New Construction/Remodel

We offer: Raleigh Cary NC★ Pressure Washing cleaning
Thorough and complete surface preparation
Raleigh Cary NC★: Multi-Color Schemes
Raleigh Cary NC★: Carpentry Repair/Wood Restoration
Raleigh Cary NC★: Stucco Repair
Raleigh Cary NC★: Drywall Patch and Repair
Raleigh Cary NC★: Custom Sprayed finishes
Raleigh Cary NC★: Lacquer/Staining/Varnishing
Raleigh Cary NC★: Acoustic ceiling and Raleigh Cary NC★: wallpaper removal/ Retexturing
Raleigh Cary NC★: Faux Finishes
Raleigh Cary NC★: Mildew-Removing-Cleaning Proof Coatings Specialty Coatings
Raleigh Cary NC★: Kitchen-Bath Cabinets Refinishing-Installers
Raleigh Cary NC★: Deck Staining and Floor Coatings
Raleigh Cary NC★
: Color Consulting


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