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         One of the most important parts of the American household is the expansion of outdoor living space. One of the oldest and longest lasting forms of outdoor space is a patio.

Patio's can be made out of numerous types of stones and built many different ways. They are built with flagstone or granite, using stone dust or cement to bond together. They can be jointed or without. If you know what kind of patio you what or are not exactly sure, fill the form out below and we will design and build a beautiful patio for you.


Our highly trained installation crews are more than laborers, they are true artisans. In about a week, we can replace your cracked concrete driveway or patio deck with beautiful interlocking pavers or natural stone. Check out our paving stone gallery to see samples of our work. You can also view our paving stone design catalog to see the wide variety of designs available for your driveway or patio design






  Flagstone, Granite, Brick Pavers, Flagstone Pavers, Stamp Concrete,
    Cool Decking.

   Custom patio design including wine racks, small refrigerators and
      Custom barbecue installation.







                   There are many different types of material that you can choose for your patio. The table below will give some ideas.


 Paving stones (Pavestone)



Stamped concrete



8,000 psi


1,000 to 10,000


Not rated 2,000 psi


 2000 psi




NO cracks

Not flexible

Will crack


Will crack

Not flexible

Will crack

 Not flexible

Will crack



Most stains are hidden


Oil and other stains hard to remove


Oil and other stains hard to remove


Oil and other stains hard to remove


Oil stains

Difficult to maintain 


Pavers easy to replace Prone to chipping Prone to chipping Repairs costly and marks visible  Can not repair without noticing scar marks

Colors and Patterns

A wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes Brick colors range from red to orange and flash of black Many types of Flagstone Many stamped patterns Many colors to chose from


$9.00 to $15 $15 to $18 $15 to $24 $7.50 to $12 $4.50 to $7.50 



Patios built out of concrete should be constructed out of 4 inches of 2000 psi concrete with inch rebar placed every 24 inches on center going in both directions. The Soil under should be well compacted.


Traditional brick patios should be built over a 4-inch concrete slab. The bricks are now set in a mortar bed and leveled one at a time. Then all the spaces between the bricks are filled with a grout. This is can be rather expensive because one is building two surfaces.

Interlocking brick patios are far more economical because they are set in sand instead of in mortar over concrete.


Flagstone is a generic term for thin flat rock that is used for paving flat surfaces. Flagstone is named from the location of the quarry it comes from. Arizona red is a reddish sand stone; Pennsylvania blue is a grey blue. The cost of the stone is proportional to the shipping distance.

It is best to pour a concrete slab and set the stone in mortar on the slab. However, in the interest of economy the stones can be set directly over the soil. They will move and shift over time and will have to be readjusted from time to time.

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete patio should first be prepared with 4 inches of concrete with inch rebar going both ways.

The "stamping' happens after the concrete has been poured and just before it sets up. There are several methods of stamping. The most common is to use a rubber mat like material with the desired pattern molded into one side. The molded pattern is placed down on the concrete leaving the desired pattern in the concrete. The procedure is repeated over the area to be stamped. Control joints are placed in the concrete in the effort to have the cracks follow the joints. This does not always happen and the cracks can appear anywhere in the newly finished concrete.

Concrete is usually colored before it is poured. There are standard colors that can be added to the concrete at the ready mix company as it goes into the truck. The colors are not 100% predictable and may vary slightly from the color chosen.



The price of pavestones is more affordable today than before. The techniques have improved and the skill in laying the stones has been expanded. When one compares similar aspects of a stamped concrete patio done correctly costs are usually less. However when the advantages of each are compared the paving stones far outweigh the concrete.


Concrete will crack and pavestones will not; concrete will fade and the exact colors can not always be predicted, whereas paver colors can be seen and chosen before they go in; concrete has no warranty against cracking, paver has a lifetime warranty; concrete cannot be repaired without noticing the repair marks the paver can be replaced without seeing any evidence of the repair; concrete is an artificial copy where each pavers are a unique unit. Concrete cannot be replaced but pavers can, therefore pavers are by far the best patio material for the money.


Brick pavers offer beauty and long-term performance to home and landscape. There are many patterns, colors, and textures to enhance the character and value of your home. To get the most out of your brick paver project, consider the following aspects before you start.

Patios, walkways and driveways should be wide enough to accommodate people, lawn furniture, or in the case of driveways, cars and foot traffic. Walkways should be at least 36" wide. A wider walk lends more grace to an entrance. People enjoy walking on paths with gentle curves, and brick pavers can define and enlarge space for shrubbery beds.


Designing patios is like planning a new room. What part of the day will it be in the sun or shade? It it going to be blocked from the wind? How will the landscaping fit in? How easy is the access from the house? Are steps needed? Consider the flow of foot traffic and the amount of space needed to accommodate a patio table and chairs, gas grill, etc. A minimum of 350-400 sq. ft. would be needed, but a more generous size is recommended, especially if the homeowner likes to entertain family and friends.

Custom design service is available for all your brick paver needs. The beauty of your project will make you feel that your research was worthwhile



















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Rock Hill Landscaping and Irrigation Our goal at Rock Hill Landscaping and pool  is to design and install a landscape or retainer wall system that will fit your individual needs. Your landscape should be a reflection of you and compliment your home and lifestyle. From the first consultation to the final clean up, our focus is to provide you with a positive experience. If you dream of building your own landscape, and live in the greater Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, We can provide direction to help you achieve the best results. If you are unable to find the time to tackle the landscaping or irrigation project yourself, we have the expertise to install a great looking landscape start to finish. Honesty and integrity are the key ingredients to outstanding customer service. At Rock Hill Landscaping and stone mason, we set out to meet those standards every day. Custom Landscape and brick mason Design The first step to a great looking landscape starts with a design/blueprint. We provide you with experienced designers who can turn your dreams into reality. From small garden plans to complete blueprints including feature gardens, ponds, patios, or functional retaining walls, we have the ability to meet any request you may have for your landscape. Our design team is industry certified with years of experience in the landscaping industry. Tell us your landscaping ideas and we will customize a landscape or garden plan for you. We can supply you with a landscape plan to meet your needs. Professional Landscape and mason Installation The Rock Hill Landscaping  is focused on working with you to ensure that the job is completed to your specifications. Experienced and qualified people make the difference. Whether you're seeking landscaping services, irrigation system service, a landscape design, or any other service that we offer, We are the landscape contractor who has the resources to provide landscaping and/or irrigation installation or a professional landscape or irrigation design for your landscape. We have the tools, training, and experience to ensure quality and professionalism with affordable prices. Quality Landscape and fireplace Materials Rock Hill Landscaping and outside is committed to providing you, our customer, with the highest quality landscape materials available. We work with top quality Nurseries and Growers in the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas to ensure healthy, vigorous plants that look great and will perform for years to come. We select manufacturers in the areas who produce consistent premium quality landscape materials such as sprinkler and irrigation materials, fabric, edging, retaining wall block, and pavers. We purchase only top quality sod and seed for your lawn installation and quality compost, mulch and pine needles for your plant and flower beds. We purchase top quality irrigation  Quality Landscape and landscaping Services Rock Hill Landscaping and lancaster offers a wide range of landscaping services to meet all of your landscape needs. We are the landscape contractor who can get the job done. Our services include complete landscape design and installation, complete lawn and garden irrigation and sprinkler systems design and installation, new lawn installation using sod or seed, brick, rock or wood retaining walls, installing flower beds, raised beds, and planting flowers, installing rock gardens, flower gardens, container gardens, water ponds, planting trees, flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs, fast growing shrubs, and ground covers, building and installing fences and other hardscapes for your landscape, mulching, seeding and fertilizing newly installed planting beds and lawn, pruning small trees and shrubs, install drainage systems and erosion control solutions, or for dressing up existing planting beds, lot grading and clearing and any other landscape renovation you desire. You can increase your real estate property value with landscape improvements and automatic underground lawn and garden irrigation and sprinkler systems. In addition, if you're selling your property, we can help you to increase your home's curb appeal. Increased curb appeal can help with selling your home. Services as simple as spreading mulch or pine needles, trimming trees and shrubs, or a professional cut for your lawn can increase the attractiveness of your real estate listing to your potential home buyer. Whether your needs are big or small, or whether you own commercial property or residential property, We are the landscape and irrigation contractor to call. Contact us today to request a consultation, plan, and estimate for your landscape. Quality Lawn Care and Maintenance Rock Hill Landscaping and Design . Let us keep your property looking good year round. We offer the standard weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn care and maintenance services at reasonable rates. Contact us today to request information about our lawn maintenance contract offerings.  Rock Hill Landscaping and Brick mason as well as financing options through . Financing is Available through John Deere Credit. We also offer, Storm Damage, Tornado Damage and Hurricane Damage Restoration and Repair Services when necessary. Rock Hill Landscaping  Providing Landscaping Services in: Charlotte, NC Mecklenburg, NC Pineville, NC Huntersville, NC Mooresville, NC Monroe, NC Matthews, NC Indian Trail NC, Gastonia, NC Mount Holly, NC Mount Pleasant, NC Concord, NC Statesville, NC Fort Mill, SC Tega Cay, SC Rock Hill, SC Lake Wylie, SC Clover, SC Bethel, SC Chester, SC Lancaster, SC Newport, SC & York SC. | Home| Landscape Services| Irrigation Services| Design Services|| Landscape Photos| Request Services| View Estimate|  Reserved Home Landscape Services Irrigation Services Design Services Landscape Photos Request Services View Estimate Related Links Charlotte NC Landscaping, landscape design  When you Professionally Landscape your Home or Business, Everybody Wins! There is simply no better way to increase the value of your home. Home buyers said, when surveyed, that home values are increased by over 15% with professional landscaping. Benefits of a professional landscape installation: Builds "Curb Appeal". When people pull up in front, the landscape is the first thing they see. Easy to Maintain. Why spend your weekend working when you can plan for low maintenance? Good for the Environment. A turf area just 50'x50' absorbs carbon dioxide and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four. Keeps Temperatures Down. Those shady areas are cooler and more trees and shrubs can lower temperatures in a community up to 40%. Screens out Sights and Sounds. Whether it's a busy road or a backyard of kids, a good landscape plan can make it disappear! Plants Promote Wellness. Psychologists have found that an attractive landscape plays a major role in reducing