Create new poolscapes that will astound your imagination, we can also transform your existing Charlotte pool and surrounding area into a completely new and exciting outdoor environment. From a simple resurfacing of the interior of the pool, to an elaborate restructuring of the pool shell, up to a complete demolishing of all existing structures with a fresh start and clean slate to work with, Our Charlotte Pool Contractors can recreate your backyard into something magnificent.

There are as many possibilities as there are ideas.
Items to consider……

New and more efficient pool equipment can save hundreds of dollars.
LED lighting adds a splash of color to a plain Jane pool.
Incorporating water features or waterfalls adds the soothing sounds of falling water while drowning out city noise.
New tile and a new interior surface can easily and immediately change the face of the pool and add a more watertight finish.
Replacing the coping and deck around the pool will give the area a fresh look and new ambiance.
A new fire pit or fireplace adds warmth to a poolscape and gives a new reason to entertain.
Outdoor kitchens are a wonderful way to bring the camaraderie of the indoor kitchen area outside.
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