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Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom

Before beginning any bathroom remodeling, you should create a budget. Pick an amount of money you can reasonably afford, and then check the costs of supplies to estimate what you can do in your Gastonia NC remodeling project. It is wise to save about 20 percent of your budget to cover emergencies. They do happen. Keep in mind, too, the costs of professional help from plumbers or electricians. These services cost significantly more than doing the job yourself, so do whatever work you can.

~Costs of Supplies~

You may want to do your own painting, lay your tile, or decorate the new bathroom yourself. The extra work you do will let you be creative and have fun while saving money. The costs of supplies add up. A typical sink costs between $60 and $100, but higher-end sinks cost hundreds of dollars. Vinyl flooring is the cheapest, starting at around $3 a foot. Ceramic tile is usually triple the price of vinyl. Basic bathtubs cost a few hundred dollars, and whirlpool tubs thousands. Showers cost between $300 and $2,000. Traditional toilets cost under $200, but smaller or fancier toilets can cost up to $1,500.

Services Include..... Reconfigure Floor plan Walls and Ceilings Plumbing Electrical Ventilation Fixtures Cabinets and Vanity Vanity Top Tiling Bathtub Installation Shower Installation Sauna Installation Windows and Skylights Painting and Wall Coverings Lighting Floors.

~Shower Remodel~

Builders. Builders.

~Shower Remodel~

Builders. Builders.







FREE Quote ➨ Remodeling Shower, Replace Sinks, Leaking Faucets, Plumbing, Vanity New Cabinets Countertops, Ceiling, Electrical, Lighting, A bathroom remodel can add value to your home and also make it look beautiful. When you renovate your bathroom or add a second one, it increases your convenience. However, renovating the bathroom or even adding another bathroom to your home is a big task and also one which would be a little expensive.

You would need to hire the services of professionals and set up a budget. You would need fixtures like a countertop, cabinet, pedestal, lighting, sink fixtures, mirror, faucet and shower head, towel racks, medicine cabinet etc. for the bathroom so list down the cost of all of these necessities. Write down the price of the flooring as per the square footage. Add Up Your Expenses Once you have all the details ready with you, you can then add the price for all the accessories and the fixtures. Add the cost of the professional help that you would be getting for electricity and plumbing and you would be able to have an approximate estimation of the cost of the bathroom remodel project. Estimating the cost of a bathroom remodel or adding up a new bathroom to your home is not a difficult thing if you remember to add up all the tiny costs. In most cases, we tend to neglect the cost of the accessories and fixtures which gives us a wrong figure. Take all the necessary things into consideration and you would have a close figure for the cost of your bathroom remodel.
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