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Basement Design Ideas A beautifully executed Davidson NC basement remodeling project can give you the perfect space for entertaining, a den for family activities, a game room, and even a top line home theater. Basements should be more heavily lit than above-grade rooms. Maximize both natural (outdoor daylight) and artificial lighting. An open floor plan, large windows, and a French door leading to the basement instead of the solid door which is most likely installed there now will help maximize the lighting.
Also think in terms of light colors, and mirrored walls or ceilings. Stick with light colors for the walls. Using light paint colors will very effectively brighten the gloomiest basements! Is your basement warm enough? It's not a bad idea to have a secondary heat source in your basement, such as a wood burning stove, a fireplace, or a floor warming system. Eliminate as many posts and columns as is practical. Fun and Functional- Cedar Closet- Game Room- Nursery- Play room- Entertainment- Party Room- Guest bed and bath- Custom Bar.

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Design new walls to conceal necessary posts and columns whenever possible. If air ducts or plumbing must be relocated, do so along walls or beams, leaving ceilings higher in the center of rooms, where headroom is more critical. · Make the room seem wider and longer with the use of horizontal design elements. Remember that water seeks its lowest point (the basement). Carpet may be installed, of course, but consider using alternative, more water resistant floor coverings such as tiles, vinyl, area rugs (which can be easily taken up and dried out or cleaned), or indoor/outdoor carpeting to minimize any potential water damage. While your basement may not be much to look at now, you'll want to end up with quality living space when the project is complete. An architect or interior designer can help you get the most out of the space. A little forethought and careful planning now can help you create a space that is attractive, comfortable and useful.

Davidson NC Basement Design with Bright Colors Seeking out bright or dramatic color schemes should be your goal for your basement decor. Varying shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, and green add color and character to this notoriously dark room. If you already have a couch in your basement, try a bright slipcover to change the look and add coordinating pillows. Throw down some unique rugs to add texture and variety. Repaint the walls and put up new artwork. If you are in the process of choosing furniture, you might want to consult a decorator to help you create your desired look. Quick Design Tips... Add or relocate your laundry room to the Davidson basement, freeing up main floor space Move the gym equipment that's been gathering dust in your garage into the basement.

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Builders. Builders. Builders.

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Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders.


Once you know what you would be using the space for, the next step would be to measure the entire area that you want to finish. This is the most crucial stage in basement remodeling since wrong measurements can be disastrous. Do not forget to measure the height of the ceilings, the distance from the floor to the floor joists, floor to the bottom of the supports or ductwork etc. all of these details would be needed during the final plan of your project. It is better to measure twice to get the accurate measurements

~Basement Before~

Builders. Builders. Builders.

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Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders.






The Plan

Finishing a basement is complicated undertaking by professionally-trained basement finishing contractor moisture problems that need to be fixed before considering a basement finishing project. The different uses of the space would require different designs and materials. For example, a playroom for the kids would need a different design than a home theater so it is best to clearly know how you would be using the new space.

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