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Update YOUR Bathroom

As life changes over the years, you might find your once-perfect bathroom in need of an update. Whatever Concord NC bathroom remodeling you would like to see happen, do it the convenient and affordable way by working with Designer Properties and our expert installation technicians. Our bathroom remodeling contractors work with you to review and measure your bathroom, then design the remodel that works for you. If you’re saying to yourself “I need to update my bathroom,” contact us to learn more about your affordable bathroom remodeling options with us.

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Bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular rooms to improve on because of the added value these rooms give to your home. Usually the first room in the house to be remodeled, bathrooms are the smallest or helps improve your home's value the fastest. Concord NC Bathroom renovations can create stylish bathrooms that become not only add to the value of your home but also give you a quiet and relaxing place to end a stressful day... in a hot bath! Have your goals for any bathrooms renovations determined well in advance of the project so that your bathroom renovations stay within your budget.

When designing your bathroom, think of the following things: Size - What size do you want your bathrooms to be? A full bath will include a sink, toilet, and a bathtub with shower. A three-quarter bath will have a sink, toilet, and maybe only a shower. A room with only a sink and a toilet is defined as a half bath. You might consider to add a window or a skylight. Remember that a bathroom without natural ventilation can get damp and moldy so ventilation is an important consideration. You will also need room to store towels, personal care products, hair dryers, and cosmetics.

~Before and After Bathroom Remodel~

Builders. Builders.

While it does cost money to remodel your Concord bathroom keep in mind that most of the money that you invest will come back you in the end. That why this is not a vain purchase but an investment in your future. We will reconfigure floor plans, move walls, fixtures and utilities, to increase floor area and storage space.

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Providing Services: Barriers Mill NC Cabarrus NC Cannon Crossroads NC Centerview NC Cold Springs NC Cold Water NC Concord NC Cooks Crossing NC Cox Mill NC Fisher Town NC Flows Store NC Georgeville NC Glass NC Harrisburg NC Heilmans Mill NC Jackson Park NC Kannapolis NC Midland NC Mount Mitchell NC Mount Pleasant NC New Gilead NC North Concord NC Pharrs Mill NC Pioneer Mills NC Poplar Tent NC Rimer NC Roberta Mill NC Rocky River NC Royal Oaks NC Shady Brook NC Watts Crossroads NC West Brook NC West Concord NC Wil-Mar Park NC 28025 28026 28027 28075 28081 28082 28083 28107 28124 28124. It is time for you to freshen things up by replacing the tile. However, updating bathroom tile can be a fairly large job, so you will want to make sure that it will complement the overall style of the room (and house) before you spend the money. You will also want to make sure that the job is done right by hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor. Bathroom Light Fixtures Updating Light Fixtures: Updating the light fixtures in your bathroom is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a big impact on the overall style and functionality of the room. It can also be one of the most inexpensive ways to give it a good facelift. In some cases you will need a contractor and\/or electrician to come into your bathroom and replace the lighting fixtures and ensure that the wiring is done safely and correctly and then patch the drywall. However, if you won't need to do any work with the wiring, there are some simple things you can do to update your lighting fixtures yourself like spray-painting them or changing out the shades on a chandelier. Painting Bathroom Painting: The design of your bathroom should always be in keeping with the rest of your house. Storage Ideas Article Adding a new bathroom to your home? Bathrooms add functionality and typically are great for ROI. See our guide and request estimates from top rated bathroom addition contractors. Bathroom Additions Compare up to 3 highly qualified local bathroom remodeling companies in your area. Get free written estimates from the best pros in minutes!   Start Bathroom Quote All Contractors Update Install/Replace Bath Vanity New Local Contractor » Install Bathroom Cabinets Countertops Shower Door Replace Local Contractor » Light Fixtures » Local Bathroom Flooring Repair Contractors. When it comes to remodeling any room, there are usually two causes for the renovation; lack of style and\/or lack of functionality. More often than not, both are true when it comes time to renovate or remodel a bathroom. Since a bathroom, is made of such few features, and usually limited space,This will increase the value of the home in the eyes of buyers and make it easier to sell, should you ever decide to move. It will also have a better impression on guests visiting your home. Keep this intent of consistency in mind when selecting the materials and finishing touches like the tile, wall color, and lighting fixtures. When it comes to bathroom design, there are several different ways that you can go. However, it is important that when you are drawing up the plans for the design of your bathroom that you ensure that the room will be functional and serve it's purpose, in addition to adding to the overall aesthetic of your home. Bathroom Design Design and Colors: The design of your bathroom should always be in keeping with the rest of your house.

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