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~Zoned properly~

Concord NC Landscape Sprinklers should be zoned properly so lawns can be watered separately from trees, shrubs and flowers. Also water vegetable beds and rose gardens separately from lawn areas. Design sprinklers to "line out" driveways, walks, roads and non-irrigated areas. Sprinklers should be next to hard surfaces to throw water onto landscape areas.

Avoid a design where the sprinkler heads shoot from the center towards pavement to avoid runoff water waste. Design Concord NC irrigation zones so water from one head reaches the neighboring head's. Too much space between sprinkler heads creates dry spots. Sprinklers are best installed in a triangular or square pattern to insure "head to head" coverage. Sprinkler heads that do not overlap cannot be expected to water the intended area properly. Install only as many heads per irrigation zone as the water pressure will allow. Irrigation heads are designed by manufacturers to apply a certain amount of water over a specific area when performing within a certain operating pressure range. Installing more heads than the water system will handle results in dry spots. Symptoms of low water pressure often appear as donuts of green grass around the sprinkler head with dry areas between heads.

Avoid oscillating sprinklers and sprinkler heads that produce mists or fine sprays. High water pressure should be reduced by adding pressure regulators to the system. Install the same type of head with the same precipitation rate within each zone. Mixing heads within a zone leads to uneven water application, unsatisfactory plant growth and often runoff water waste. The water delivery rate of rotary, spray heads and impact sprinkler heads is different. Impact heads deliver as little as 1/2 inch of water per hour, while pop-up spray heads may apply up to two inches of water per hour. Long, sloping turf areas may require several different sprinkler zones; each line of sprinklers, controlled by a valve, is called a zone. Irrigation zones should be installed along the top of the slope, rather than up and down the slope. The slope may require two or more lines of sprinklers, each controlled by its own valve. Because water runs downhill, the bottom of the slope tends to receive more water.


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