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~Knowledge of Materials~

Kitchen remodeling and renovation specialist contractors, We provide Quality, craftsmanship, design, specification, building, installation and finishing all under single management. We specialize in Complete gut renovations Combining Charlotte Custom kitchens, cabinetry & built-ins Assisting co-op/condo owners with board approvals General contractors Smaller or unusually-shaped kitchens, may require customizations to make the best use of your available space. Large, luxury kitchens also require the most careful designing to make them as functional and esthetically rewarding as possible. A thorough knowledge of materials and their applications, coupled with skilled installation techniques, is essential to carry out a fine design and assure the durability that you deserve in your Charlotte kitchen renovation. A quick  kitchen facelift can be achieved by replacing kitchen countertops. Granite, quartz and laminate are popular finishes for replacing kitchen countertops. Some of the modern surfaces are prone to chipping, especially on the edges. Granite is much less porous than marble but can be stained by grease. It doesn’t scratch, and chips on the corners can be repaired. Granite is an igneous rock created by the slow crystallization of molten magma cooling deep beneath the earth’s surface.
 Home remodeling is one of the most satisfying projects that you can do as a house owner. This will bring happiness as well as satisfaction, because the end result is up to you. Home remodeling is a good way to feel good about your house and yourself in the process but it is also an effective way to increase the value of your property. Remodeling your house is a good avenue of expressing your personal taste as well. This article will be your guide on how you can personalize your home remodel

~So what then affects the cost of the products and materials?~

Design Element Price Depends On
Cabinets Manufacturer choice; construction quality; materials; interior storage accessories; door style and finish; quantity; difficulty of installation
Appliances Features; style
Countertops Quality and type of material; difficulty of installation; edge treatment material and design; backsplash material and design
Flooring Quality and type of material; difficulty of installation
Sinks & Faucets Sinks-material; size and number of basins; special colors

Faucets-interior materials; finish; spout style; accessories

Architectural details Uniqueness of items; level of craftsmanship

~To help focus your selection process, ask yourself the following questions.~

Replacing Charlotte Kitchen Countertops
Granite is the most durable of the natural stones and comes in a large assortment of patterns and colors. Marble should be reserved for splashbacks and specific areas since it stains easily. Granite is also available in an amazing array of colorful and unique patterns and no two granite tops will be exactly the same. However, with its great looks comes a high price tag. Granite has a cool polished surface that makes it an excellent surface for rolling out pastry dough. It is easily cleaned and the polished finish will not wear off. First, be sure that you look around. You need to be observant and look for inspiration in the world you are living in. Bringing your personal style is as easy as knowing what it is you want exactly. The purpose of looking around first is to be able to get an idea on what designs and concepts you may want for your house. This will help you think about a theme or concept which you may want to incorporate in your design. You can also look up some designs in magazine articles, television program, the internet or design showrooms.

Be sure that you have well coordinated colors, too. Colors in your house can affect the whole cohesiveness of your design and concept. It is a fact that colors can help bring out the mood that you want for your house. Make sure that your colors on walls, ceilings and floor are truly coordinated. Make sure that you check on the colors of your carpets, furniture and fixtures. You will surely be able to express your personal style using colors.

Remodeling Your Charlotte Kitchen – Choosing Your Countertop Through the years, kitchen countertops receive some of the most tender loving care, but at the same time some of the worst beatings also, from its owners. They are usually at the receiving end of knife marks, nasty stains and sometimes even chips. Even though they usually last a long time, there will come a point when they need to be retired and replaced with a new one. For countertop replacements or updates, following are the available options that you could choose from. Personalize Your Space – Finally, a fantastic way to design your new kitchen in a way that will keep it a welcoming room for many years to come is to have it reflect the personality of you and your family. If your bedroom or living room can have elements of who you are sprinkled about, why can’t your kitchen? Many kitchen styles revolve around creating a clean, sterile, and utterly boring place to cook, leaving it an unattractive room that no one wishes to spend more time in than they have to. New trends in Charlotte kitchen design address this issue by emphasizing the need to incorporate more personality in the decor and actual material themselves. When choosing your trim, cabinetry, colors and even the layout of your kitchen, think about what makes your family unique and how that can be incorporated into your new space.

~Before and After Kitchen~

~Total Kitchen Renovations Before~

~Total Kitchen Renovations After~

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So, what are the latest options for countertops out there in the market today?

Actually the choices are immense and the pricing is as well. There are inexpensive options and there are extremely pricy options also. It will all depend on your taste and your budget and of course, how well the countertop will fit into your kitchen.

Among the top choices, the ceramic tile countertop:
When planning a traditional kitchen design an most important consideration is the functionality of your present kitchen. The three areas that are most used in the kitchen are the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink area. If these three areas are too close to each other, the result is poor traffic flow. Try to position these items in a triangular pattern so that the three areas are well separated from each other.

Now consider the current style of your kitchen and look for ways to create transitional kitchen designs based around the items you’d like to keep or only make minor changes to. For example, your cabinets may structurally sound, yet in need of re-facing. You can then begin to plan your transitional kitchen based upon what will stay.

Think about how your Charlotte kitchen is currently used. Does it do double duty as an office or as a place for school projects? Or perhaps it is a central meeting place when people drop by. As you look at transitional kitchen designs make sure you incorporate the specifics of your lifestyle, not just what is going to look good.
Ceramic tiles are produced by firing them inside an oven and they come in a wide array of colors and wonderful designs. They make a really beautiful statement and allow for creativity. Choosing ceramic means your countertop will not only last a really long time but it is virtually scratch, water and heat resistant.

This means that the countertop is extremely hard and you will need to be careful about how you place your breakables on the top or you will end up with chipped plates and broken glassware. The only real drawback to using ceramic is the grout – food particles easily cling to them and they are very difficult to clean once they are soiled.

A more practical choice:

If you are low on the budget, you could go for a plastic laminate countertop. It comes in various colors and textures with many options to choose from. They are also conveniently available in preformed type which makes your remodeling job so much easier. The downside to this kind of countertop is that they are not as durable as their more expensive counterparts as they can get damaged or stained very easily.

What are the other options out there? Your counter tops take a lot of abuse and they should be considered when you are doing a kitchen renovation. When you are choosing a counter top be certain that you are selecting one that can handle the use and one that can be used with many color schemes in case you decide to change the color of your paintwork.

When you are changing your Charlotte counter tops you may also opt to change the kitchen sink as well. There are many different kitchen sink styles that are available, check with your plumber or your local hardware store. Also, why not choose to change the faucets while changing your sink or you may just change the faucets to change the look of the sink area.

While renovating your kitchen you could change your cabinet doors. Many cupboards are designed that you only need to change the cabinet doors to upgrade the look of your kitchen.

Remember that the next time you are thinking about renovating your kitchen that there is probably more to it than you expect.

There are the stainless steel countertops which are heat-resistant and very durable, athough prone to scratches and dents. Another favorite choice by many is the popular butcher block countertop which is composed of oak or maple wood strips. Although this kind of countertop is very beautiful and is less likely to damage your kitchenware, they are easily burned, stained or dented however, as previously mentioned.

Stone countertops are also very beautiful and is most appropriate if you do a lot of baking, but they are very expensive to purchase and install. Another option would be the polyurethane or acrylic-based solid surface countertop. These will be resistant to stains, water or mold but if there are any dings or knife cuts they can be corrected by sanding. These characteristics can make them last for a long time although they do come at a steep price.

Probably one of the finest countertops you can possibly install is the granite top. It is beautiful, long-lasting and durable – everything you can possibly ask for, including resistance to scratches, burns, chipping, water, molds and stains. Even though the initial acquisition cost is admittedly high, at least you are assured of a countertop that is absolutely guarateed to last as long as the kitchen itself.
Designing a new Charlotte kitchen can be a time-consuming project, especially if you want a timeless facelift that will last several decades. Avoid the gimmicks in your kitchen and design a space that will allow you to have a room you and your family will love. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a short guide to help you create a kitchen that is functional yet reflective of your style.

Open Floor Plan – Recent trends in kitchen design have leaned towards creating a more centralized and open plan – and it’s easy to see why. A kitchen is supposed to be a place that the family can meet and socialize; it’s a pivotal part to both the home and those who live in it. If someone is cooking the day away in the kitchen, you certainly don’t want to exclude them from the rest of the family, so create a floor plan that breaks down the walls and lets the kitchen overflow into other areas of your home.

Socialize Your Kitchen – Building on to the principles of a kitchen with an open floor plan, the current trends in kitchen design aim to make it a space where you can do more than just cook – you can socialize and relax in your kitchen as well. In an effort to incorporate a living space into your kitchen, plan on enlarging this area to include comfortable bench seating or perhaps even a loveseat in an open space adjacent to your kitchen. If you can create a space where some family members can relax while others prepare meals, you can really make your kitchen a centralized part of your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Charlotte NC Kitchen Renovation Company

Designing your new kitchen is a fun and exciting experience, although it can seem to be a bit overwhelming at times. The decision you make now will stay with you for many years, so ensure that you make the right choices by following these general design guidelines.
Do you have a signature fragrance that you wear every day or just on special occasions? The fragrance you wear is part of your overall style. Whether you prefer a classic scent like Chanel or something more modern, we offer discount perfume for most major name brands. Don’t pay retail when you can get high quality cheap perfume and save.
Next, it is important that you pick your furniture correctly. You have to be sure that you are purchasing the right set of furniture because you will be paying a lot for them. It is important that you invest in a lovely furniture set that you will love for years. Good furniture is one that complements your other accessories and fixtures at home and provide comfort , too. It is imperative that your concept and design for the house is taken into consideration when you buy your furniture so that they will not clash with each other.

Granite and marble are natural stones which are formed under the earth by the compression of heat and fusion. It is igneous and metamorphic rock which is resistant to extreme temperature, stress and heat.

Quartz has become so popular that its look is being copied. Several companies now offer solid-surface countertops that look like quartz and are extremely hard wearing. Quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathroom will provide the highest level of durability and easy cleaning for years to come.

Consider also alternatives such as stainless steel, concrete, paper composite, recycled plastic or cambria, a durable, non-porous, all-natural quartz. Consider manufactured stone or stainless steel surfaces, both of which provide excellent resistance to heat and staining.

Concrete surfaces can be fashioned in a shop and installed on top of the cabinets – like granite or marble – or they can be poured and finished right in the kitchen on the cabinets. The forms used are very finely finished and sturdily built. Concrete countertop makers often develop their own signature looks by using proprietary mix ingredients, casting techniques and surface treatments. Many are artists by trade and will collaborate with homeowners, architects and interior designers on ideas that will add to the character and individuality of the finished product.

Replacing Charlotte cabinet hardware can provide a visual punch to dress up the look of your kitchen, Replacing kitchen countertops may be the centerpiece of any kitchen redecorating project and you can add the final touch with cabinet hardware.

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