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"When constructing a sizeable home remodeling project or outdoor living area, choose a professional with experience in all aspects of design and installation. Large jobs require greater expertise because there are more construction trades and technologies involved, and the person in charge must know how to blend individual elements into an integrated and artistic whole. Such elements may include in-ground pools, patios, garages, driveways, sunrooms, Jacuzzis, ponds and bridges, bathrooms, wet bars, kitchens, and exterior/interior lighting and whole new additions. Our master plans have included all mentioned and more. If you are only doing a portion of the project now, be sure to take into consideration what you may add later so that everything works when the project is completed. We are Contractors Designers and master Tradesman working collectively for over 18+ years. In that time we have learned how to translate customers' wishes into cohesive, workable designs, and our detailed knowledge of various trades enables us to create installations that combine vision and durability. In addition, we constantly update our knowledge of design and construction elements by attending trade and professional conferences around the country, allowing us to implement the most recent advances in construction."         -Designer Properties


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What does this mean and how do you achieve it?  DESIGNER PROPERTIES  and ASSOCIATES.
Thinks of custom Renovations and Landscape design as being the process of melding your ideas and desires with our experience and expertise. This type of design and build can only be achieved through excellent communication and relationship building. DPandASSOCIATES, prides itself on 18 plus years of experience in providing just that to our clients. Whether it is a simple patio or a fully involved home renovation, we have the ability and skills to design and develop any project imaginable. Allow us to show you how our 18 plus years of experience can work for you. Master Plans are usually implemented in stages--not generally all at once. Master Plans are works in progress.

A Word About Pricing

"Since our jobs are completely customized to our clients wants and desires and to their yard, we cannot quote a price until all things are taken into consideration and we have evaluated the topography of your yard. We will be happy to set up an appointment at a time convenient for you to evaluate your yard and design the Home and Landscape  of your dreams, at no cost or obligation to you. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an intelligent decision with no high-pressure sales tactics". - Sales Department

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This custom swimming pool was designed and installed in Charlotte NC, Has a tropical look and feel, The waterfall stones weighed 10 ton them selves, Stone patio and retaining walls around pool area, its located in the Ballantyne community.

"We will highly recommend your crew, staff, and services to anyone planning Hardscaping with landscaping in the future." - Karen and John C. (Aug 2003)

Let "DPandASSOCIATES" custom design and build you a outdoor barbeque grill or kitchen like the one below in the River Hills NC community , including covered stone patio and outdoor lighting, What ever it may be, call us, our estimates are FREE!

"They were professional, pleasant, and focused on work."
- Mrs. Meyer (Aug 2003)



Its not unusual for us to bring all the crews together to meet and discuss a particular job in progress. These meetings are used to discuss methods and techniques that have made Designer Properties and Associates the innovators in outdoor construction. Designer Properties and Associates has been able to maintain some of the finest craftsmen and technicians in the industry. Our people take pride in their work and they give their best.  "Bob Blake"