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Charlotte NC Concrete Contractors

We are experts in concrete finishing. Driveways

Do you have an old, rut filled driveway? Give your vehicle a break by replacing or repairing your Charlotte NC concrete driveway! Our trained professionals at Designer Properties will even come to your home and give you a free estimate. Don't you owe it to yourself to have a quality driveway that will last for years to come? Call us today. Curb Appeal, you don't usually hear this term unless a realtor tells you that you need more of it to sell your house. Do you really want to wait to have a complete stranger tell you that you have an ugly concrete driveway? At Designer Properties , we care about the appearance of your driveway.

However, just because it may be unsightly doesn't mean that it has structure integrity. We, as a Charlotte NC concrete contractor specialist, will inspect the driveway for durability and quality. If we find that the driveway doesn't hold up to our high standards, we will recommend a replacement of the old Charlotte concrete. Driveways that have good foundations and no other problem areas we would recommend an overlay/resurfacing or adding a stamped pattern such as cobblestone or flagstone to the Charlotte concrete overlay. We can also provide a Charlotte NC driveway extension, turn around, or parking pad to meet your needs.

Charlotte NC Concrete Contractors Cement Patios and Charlotte NC driveways slabs poured concrete patio contractors Concrete Contractors, Charlotte NC Concrete Services, Your complete  concrete specialty company. When you have construction that calls for the services of a contractor, consider Designer Properties. We specialize in all aspects of  concrete construction from commercial, slip-forming, gang forming, tilt-up construction, Charlotte NC poured walls, footings, foundations, site concrete, Charlotte NC residential poured wall basements, Charlotte NC decorative concrete, Charlotte NC driveways stamping or acid staining.


We are experts in concrete finishing. Walkways Your Charlotte NC concrete walkway/sidewalk could be considered part of your identity. At Designer Properties , we know the importance of the appearance to the front of your home and how it looks from the street. Your  stone, flagstone, or brick walkway is the last thing your guests will see before walking into your home. This is when your guests will have a first glimpse of what to expect to see. Our  Charlotte concrete finishers/installers take great care to make sure that your "front door guests" give you a compliment on your impressive home improvement. After all, you never get another chance to make a first impression. As concrete contractors, we take the time to discuss with you your plans on layout/design, materials such as the type of stone, stamps or color to be used with the concrete and possible solutions for any problematic areas.

Water Problems

Designer Properties can install Charlotte NC drainage systems around the foundation; this removes the water that causes pressure around the walls or floor. Since no two houses are exactly the same, the drainage system will be specifically designed for your home. Most system installations involve sealing off the living area, digging down beside the wall at the basement floor, installing the system, and replacing the torn up sections of the floor. You shouldn’t have to deal with a leaky basement or crawlspace.

At Designer Properties we solve Charlotte NC water problems and we’ll make sure your project is done right the first time. Many contractors install concrete improperly so that rainwater runs toward the structure or home. The most important objective of a concrete contractor is proper rainwater management. No matter how beautiful the finish of the driveway if every time it rains your garage fills up with water you know you have an improperly poured Charlotte concrete driveway, walkway or patio. At Designer Properties , we solve Charlotte water problems, we don't create them. Call us today for your free estimate.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Designer Properties is ready to get "in and out" quick with your new or replacement Charlotte NC driveway and sidewalk. We use plenty of fiber and strategic placement of control joints to minimize cracking. We will also do everything with minimum disruption to your existing grass and yard work! Complete removal of old worn-out concrete or asphalt Protection of your existing grass and yard work Our equipment and competent, highly trained crews ensure top quality results on any project We use the highest-quality concrete mix giving a long lasting job while adding value to your home The benefits of concrete: Fast installation Cost effective Sealing creates more durable concrete surface Weed free compared to paver stones Permanent color and texture Low Maintenance Long Lasting.



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