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~Frequently Asked Questions?~

How long will it take to complete my Deck? In most cases 2-6 days. the completion of your deck is of primary importance.

What color will the composite deck turn to? As you know, all wood fades over time. Composites are no different except they turn a very pleasing light driftwood silver color versus traditional woods streaked and molded look.

Can I stain Composite Lumber? Yes, although the manufacturers recommend you let it fade first before doing so. Use a high grade oil based stain preferably a lighter color so not to develop a lot of heat!

What is "plastic" wood? Plastic wood, or recycled plastic lumber, is a wood-like product that is made from recycled plastic that can be used as a substitute for wood or concrete or metal.

What is plastic lumber used for? At the moment, itís mostly used for fencing, decking, landscaping and play or recreation equipment. For example, itís used to substitute for fencing, flooring, pallets, park benches, piers and roofing shingles.

How is plastic lumber made? There a number of ways of making plastic wood. Sometimes itís almost entirely made of polyethylene. Many times itís mixed with other materials to create a better surface (wood-filed plastic lumber), or to make it stiffer (glass-fiber mixed with plastic). It can also be mixed with rubber, steel and concrete. Each mixture has price or construction advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages of plastic wood? Recycled plastic lumber: is made from recycled material and can be recycled at the end of its use. Lasts longer than wood requires no maintenance resists moisture and chemicals doesnít splinter or crack is impervious to insects and bacteria

What about the cost? Right now, it costs more than wood to purchase, but when you take into account itís other advantages, such as no maintenance and a longer-life, it can be cheaper than wood. Plus, the price of wood is likely to rise in the future, and the price of recycled plastic lumber is likely to fall.

Brand names of man-made materials used by Designer Properties Trex, Choice Dek, Smart Deck, Timber Tech, Engineered Cedar, Nexwood, and Extrudawood. Man-made materials are superior to traditional lumber in many ways: Genuinely a zero maintenance product It has excellent slip resistance It does not shrink or expand Excellent appearance It does not splinter or crack It will not rot or decay Excellent workability Total cost is lower Environmentally friendly.

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"Q. How do you offer so many Services?
A. We are a Company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"

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