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Studio roof

A studio roof is a single slopped roofline that will add a more uniformed elevation to the appearance inside the room. The studio roof is a more economical roof style, which may blend better on some houses then other more expensive roof styles.
Cathedral roof

A cathedral (or gabled) roof adds interest by providing an elevated peak to the center of the roof. This roofline has two sections, sloping to each side of the porch. On the inside, it adds additional height, creating a larger feel to the room. This is the most popular roof style for screened porches.
Hip roof

The hip roof is very similar to the cathedral roof with one slight difference. This roofline adds one more additional slope to the front of the porch creating three slopes to the roofline.

Skylights will add more light to, as well as better views from your screened porch. There should be consideration to the amount the roof slopes when adding skylights so that leaking does not become an issue. Skylights can be ordered as either operable (ones that open for more ventilation) or inoperable (fixed and non-opening).


When adding a Charlotte screened porch to any house, the intended use is important to consider. Most people add a ceiling fan as a way to help circulate the air as well as outlets for floor lamps to increase additional lighting options inside the room. Depending on county codes, you may be required to have a light near the door on the outside of the room that is either motion sensitive or connected to a switch.



A gas or wood-burning fireplace will ensure the room is comfortable on chilly spring and fall evenings. During cooler weather also extend the screen room's use. However, they can limit design possibilities. In a room with only screens, you aren't limited by window sizes and can use larger pieces of screening. This provides more of an outdoor feeling, but the trade-off is less refined, all-weather furniture and more dirt and dust.

~Improve the quality of your life~

We can quickly improve the quality of your life by giving you Charlotte NC outdoor living space that is comfortable and functional. Whether it be replacing screen porch Construction, Charlotte NC Screen Rooms or screening your existing structure, we can get the job done on time and within budget. covered porches. Charlotte NC outdoor room's are the perfect spot for entertaining, relaxing, and everyday living.

Create a Charlotte screen room kids can get fresh air all day, regardless of rain or sun. Screened porches make great playrooms to hold toys and games, even video games if the roof and flooring are water-tight. If you are an artist looking for a spot that has lots of light, inspirational views and fresh air, an enclosed Charlotte NC patio is a perfect option. You can gaze from the porch to the sunset while capturing it with your paintbrushes.

~Design Ideas~

Consider where the door is that leads from the porch to the inside of the home. A door at the corner of the porch can reduce the usable space of the porch because you need to allow clear entry and exit. A vaulted ceiling would make the room seem larger, opening it up not just to the landscape but upwards to the sky. You may also want to add a quiet ceiling fan to circulate air during days when there is no wind. Charlotte NC Front porches are great locations for a porch swing. You can also keep delicate potted herbs on a front porch away from harsh sunlight.

Construction If you are enclosing a Charlotte NC wooden deck porch, remember that any cracks or grooves in the flooring will allow insects to crawl up. You can place a screen from top to bottom or create a series of panels that create a wall. This may be waist-high with screen going to the ceiling. Creating nice frames for the screen to keep it taught. If you are building a Charlotte porch from scratch, think about the furniture you want to put there and the activities the porch will serve. Create a porch large enough to not seem cluttered.

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