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Want a ➨ New Charlotte flagstone Installation FREE Quote ➨ Call NOW 24x7 or Charlotte NC brick paver driveway/patio? Our highly qualified installation crews are more than laborers, they are true artisans. In about a week, we can replace your cracked  Charlotte driveway or patio deck with beautiful interlocking pavers or natural stone. Check out our paving and stone gallery to see samples of our work. More than laborers Our highly trained installation crews are more than laborers, they are true artisans. In about a week, we can replace your cracked  driveway or patio deck with beautiful Charlotte NC interlocking pavers or natural stone. Check out our paving stone gallery to see samples of our work. You can also view our paving stone design catalog to see the wide variety of designs available for your Charlotte NC driveway or patio design.

Our process. A complete job from start to finish!

1. Removal and Excavation: Our first step is to remove and haul away existing surface (old , asphalt, dirt, etc.) We also remove an additional 2"-12" soil to give a stronger foundation to support the pavers.

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2. Geo-textile: To provide stability and strength "optional" include a geo-textile fiber mesh. This fiber mesh also acts as a barrier to keep out unwanted weeds and unwanted plants.

3. Base Material: We meet and exceed all Interlocking  Pavement Institute Standards and the crushed aggregate base is compacted for proper drainage and strength. Don't be short changed! This is what sets us apart from our competition and ensures lifelong enjoyment from your pavers. walkways 4 inches (base aggregate material) residential driveways 6-8 inches (base aggregate material) commercial applications vary depending on specifications (base aggregate material)

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4. Sand: We meet or exceed all Interlocking  Pavement Institute Standards. We install and screed 1"-1 1/2" layer of sharp angled sand in preparation of  or clay pavers.

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5. Pavers: Our highly experienced crew will ensure proper placement of  or clay pavers. All paving stones are placed by hand for a proper fit. Then a vibrating plate is passed over the stones to lock them in place.

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6. Border Stone: All our borders are set in  to ensure a proper border and foundation for your new pavers. This will protect your paving stones from shifting.

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7. Sand Joints: This is where we lock in your pavers permanently. Our highly experienced crew will use a vibrating plate to push sand into the joints and lock the pavers in to place. Additionally, we use joint/sand sealer to keep the locking sand from washing away.

8. Clean Up: We leave every job completely clean and take this part of the process very seriously.

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Materials There are many different types of material that you can choose for your Charlotte NC driveway/patio. The table below will give some ideas.


 Paving stones (Pavestone)



Stamped concrete



8,000 psi


1,000 to 10,000


Not rated 2,000 psi


 2000 psi




NO cracks

Not flexible

Will crack


Will crack

Not flexible

Will crack

 Not flexible

Will crack



Most stains are hidden


Oil and other stains hard to remove


Oil and other stains hard to remove


Oil and other stains hard to remove


Oil stains

Difficult to maintain 


Pavers easy to replace Prone to chipping Prone to chipping Repairs costly and marks visible  Can not repair without noticing scar marks

Colors and Patterns

A wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes Brick colors range from red to orange and flash of black Many types of Flagstone Many stamped patterns Many colors to chose from


$9.00 to $15 $15 to $18 $15 to $24 $7.50 to $12 $4.50 to $7.50 

Charlotte NC brick patios should be built over a 4-inch slab. The bricks are now set in a mortar bed and leveled one at a time. Then all the spaces between the bricks are filled with a grout. This is can be rather expensive because one is building two surfaces. Interlocking brick patios are far more economical because they are set in sand instead of in mortar.

Charlotte NC Flagstone patios is a generic term for thin flat rock that is used for paving flat surfaces. Flagstone is named from the location of the quarry it comes from. Arizona red is a reddish sand stone; Pennsylvania blue is a grey blue. The cost of the stone is proportional to the shipping distance.

New Outdoor Patio Area

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PATIO 4   PATIO 5   PATIO 6 ....


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